UK Passport Applications From Overseas

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If you’re created to a British parent offshore you’re automatically entitled to British Citizenship allowing it to use for the British passport. Nevertheless, this is not necessarily an easy process, and also we are able to assist with UK passport applications from offshore.

An individual born overseas to a British citizen might be instantly British, however they have to offer evidence before being given with a British passport.

There’s a detailed and pretty complicated list of documents that should be offered to Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) to use properly for the British Passport. Sadly, a lot of the papers are hard for individuals in certain places to create, moreover the HMPO might not be happy that there’s evidence that is adequate that the candidate came into this world to a British citizen.

You’ll additionally require a’ Countersignatory’. This is somebody who has known the British citizen parent for more than 2 ages. They could in addition check the passport photo is a real likeness of the candidate. Only certain nationalities are able to serve as countersignatory.

It could be required for the British Citizen parent to attend an interview along with, ultimately, HMPO might request a DNA test. The candidate and his or maybe the family of her have to be invited by the house Office to shoot a DNA test with the approved DNA testing providers.

And so – on the whole – these applications are able to take a little while and are significantly less easy as they may seem.
Dealing with us on the UK passport application of yours from overseas

At Immigration Legal Services, we’re professional in making applications for British Passports from offshore.

We are going to be ready to look at the chances of success. If there are problems in the process with evidence, we are able to enable you to overcome these issues. We are able to speak with HMPO and make sure that the software is carried through as effectively as you possibly can.
Just how does the procedure work with UK passport applications from overseas?

To begin with, we are able to provide you with a totally free initial consultation. We are going to be ready to describe the procedure and also advise whether there are more likely to be some issues in the case of yours. If you choose to use the services of ours, we are going to advise you what documents you must provide. In case you can’t give everything we need to have, we are going to liaise with work and HMPO towards renewable evidence or perhaps eventually a DNA test as well as an interview.

Regularly Asked Questions
The child of mine was created abroad in 2015. I became British in 2018. Will she use for the British passport?

No. The daughter of yours isn’t British since you weren’t British when she came into this world. She can’t apply for the British passport.
The son of mine came into this world in Iraq in 2017. The mom of his is Iraqi. I’ve been British after 2008. I should take him and also the mom of his to the UK. Does my boy require a British passport or perhaps could he work with the Iraqi passport of his?

He is going to need a British passport. The son of yours is instantly British. The Office at home won’t permit him to go into the UK with a different country’s passport in case he’s, actually, British. We suggest you renew British passport online initially for the child’s British passport before using for the wife of yours to come here.
Just how long can it take to obtain British passports for the kids of mine that were born abroad?

It’s tough to state because very much depends upon if the HMPO acknowledge the evidence you provide. When you don’t have all of the best evidence at the very first stage, you need to expect the procedure to take months rather compared to weeks.