The Ultimate Agafay Desert Day Trip

The Agafay Desert can be found in Marrakech, Morocco and it is fantastic. When you end up in Marrakech, you need to absolutely venture from the community centre and check out several of the delights the Agafay Desert offers. When you are searching for a trip which is going to allow you to see the wasteland in fashion, I then recommend to choose the “Traditional Lunch In The Agafay Desert”.

Below I bring you through what the day requires, and also just how you are able to book the adventure of yours too!

Lunch In The Agafay Desert: The Experience of ours

Bradley and I were acquired at eleven am in a personal automobile and we made the journey of ours on the Agafay Desert. We had been staying at the Aqua Mirage Hotel (Which I recommend), and also it had been around a forty five second drive to the camp we will be having lunch at.

As you drive through the wasteland, you will run into a number of camps, though we kept driving further in which made me all the more thrilled. The landscape of the desert as you drive is amazing, appears as something from Mars or maybe a different world. I would certainly not seen anything like it.

After traveling for approximately forty five minutes, we arrived at the luxury desert camp and this was unlike anything I have previously been to before. You are able to really stay overnight in this particular camp and if you see for lunch, you will most likely tell yourself to return!

The camp is attractively secluded, quiet, and there’s an amazing swimming pool (that’s really a Jacuzzi too!). Consider visiting in the summer months when the temperature is forty five degrees outside and you are chilling in this great pool. It was winter whenever we visited, therefore it was a bit way too cold to go for a dip.

The camp in fact had some reservation hard work going on, that meant we have to dine by the choice as well as the swimming pool to swim, but if the tasks are done you will have your lunch separately on your to promote, around wasteland, very stunning!

The employees at the camp made us really feel really welcome, as well as kept insisting we really feel as we are at home. They actually provided us a trip of the camp along with a sneak peak inside the tents (which are awesome!).

Then, we’d a while to unwind before lunch was prepared, therefore Brad and I popped on the sun’s rays loungers and also read through our books whilst experiencing the sunshine and peace around us. As electronic nomads, we seldom turn off of, so the truth there was certainly no WiFi really was a blessing. It is a great spot for a “digital detox”.

As we had been comforting, our host brought us some mint tea, which happens to be an area of expertise in Morocco which was tasty (not very sweet like quite a few other areas make it).

Around one pm, our host announced that lunch was prepared and I genuinely did not understand what to expect, apart from genuine Moroccan foods of course.

We were treated to a scrumptious four course meal. We began with a veggie soup (which had orange in it, one thing I have never ever attempted before), accompanied by an assortment of sauteed veggies, followed by traditional tagine, an impressive beef model (a particularly of the Marrakesh region) along with a tomato & aubergine dish that oozed flavor. Only when we thought we could not eat any longer, a dessert was sent to us of classic pastilla with milk and honey with almonds. Brad basically ate mine too (I was pretty darn full at this particular point!)

The program was outstanding, the staff genuinely want you to enjoy a marvelous experience. After lunch, we calm for some time to allow the food settle. The men at the camp assured us there was absolutely no rush on leaving, (I didn’t desire to make at all!), but when we felt prepared, our driver was awaiting us so we thanked the hosts of ours and made the trip of ours back through the wasteland.

Nearly all in all of it was a fantastic day and also as much as being an Agafay Desert day trip went, I believe I have an excellent flavor of what it is love to feel the desert. A scrumptious lunch with those ideas is much more than I can have imagined and I would hundred % repeat the knowledge down the road.

What I truly like about this particular Agafay desert trip is it’s a “all year” activity. We visited in more experienced highs and cold weather of twenty two degrees Celsius (which is ideal for me!), but just envision the temps in summer time, spring and fall. It is an amazing task, no matter the moment of year you visit.

Do not forget to get a camera, you are likely to be interested to take a lot of photos that are excellent !