How to get from Barcelona Airport to the city center?

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You are able to buy from Barcelona Airport to the city by bus, taxi, train, shared or maybe private transfer. You are able to also rent an automobile without a car owner. Getting there by bus is going to take you aproximatelly one hour and costs EUR 2.15. The RENFE train is going to reach the community facility in fifty five minutes (including waiting time). This trip costs EUR 4.2. You are able to also reach the community center by Aerobus shared transfer (shuttle). The duration of a journey is 40min and the price is EUR 5.9. Traveling by private taxi or transfer will cost minimum EUR forty four. The duration of such a journey is aproximatelly thirty minutes. The price of automobile rental each day starts at EUR seventeen. The distance between the terminal and Barcelona is aproximatelly 16-17 kilometers.

If perhaps you’re a seasoned traveler who wishes to save money, it’s much better for you to select city transportation. Therefore, you can take a train or a bus. You are able to usually check today’s timetables for these types of transportation online, and also you are able to in addition purchase these transportation products with a T10 travel card. This card could be utilized when traveling throughout the city. If perhaps you’re an inexperienced traveler, you are able to get on the spot by Aerobus. This kind of transport is faster and comfortable more compared to trains or buses. Though it is much more costly, as well. Those who do not wish to wait and have to look at the regime on the day (for example, mothers with aged tourists and kids), we suggest taking a taxi or perhaps a personal transfer.

Barcelona – the Pearl of Catalonia

Barcelona attracts tourists from all around the world throughout the year round. Becoming a among the brightest cities of Spain, it’s intriguing for both independent visitors combined with people who engage in excursion tours. You will find a great deal of locations to see: Ciutat Vella, the Gothic Quarter, the Royal Shipyard, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, the Parc de la Ciutadella, and City Zoo.

Barcelona Airport bus

Barcelona Airport buses N17 and N46 (an overnight one) usually takes you from the terminal to Avinguda del Paral.lel. They depart from the bus stops close to the terminals. And they’re shared vehicles for as much as 30 60 passengers. The duration of the journey is aproximatelly thirty minutes. The ticket price is from EUR 2.15. By the way, do not forget to look at the bus timetable before the journey. This kind of transportation suits experienced visitors that are going with no big luggage or small kids, understand the language, plus aren’t fearful of becoming lost.

Barcelona Airport train

The BCN Airport train RENFE is an alternative choice to reach the community. The train costs between the train platform at the airport and El Clot station. It is probable that you simply are going to have standing in a carriage because at times there aren’t enough vacant seats there. The ticket fees EUR 4.2. This type of transportation is ideal for experienced visitors that know the path and are travelling with no large luggage and small kids (there is no specific space for luggage – it’s positioned in the aisle or under the feet) of yours. Although the train schedule isn’t frequently changed, we suggest you checking it right before the journey.

Barcelona Airport shuttle

The Barcelona Airport shuttle (Aerobus shared transfer) runs towards the community center with minimum stops. That is the reason why the ticket price of its is a bit of higher. It is less than enrolling in a taxi, but costlier than enrolling in a city bus. It is a great choice for individuals who are not in a rush and are going with no big luggage and small kids. But this means of transportation isn’t offered at night.