Best way to get to Rhodes Greece

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Have you been searching for the proper way to reach Rhodes?

Great! You’re in the right spot!

Rhodos Greece is among the favorite destinations for European vacationers since it’s an unusual touch and also it’s really near to Europe!

Based on what country you came from, it may help you move as many as 5 hours to reach this fantastic island by plane.
Getting to Rhodes by plane

Rhodes is among the best European summer time destinations. Thus, during good season, I mean from June to August and even September there are lots of charters from all over Europe that land at RHO Airport Diagoras.

But there are frequent classes between Rhodes as well as the primary European cities: London, Roma, Frankfurt, Vienna, Moscow, Dublin, Paris, Brussels and also the list may go on.

Airlines companies as Alitalia, Easyjet, Condor, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa have frequent flights along with a charter from their nations to Rhodes.

TUI airlines have so many planes flying to Rhodes from various European nations. TUI travel also has several beautiful hotels across the island where you are able to relax and enjoy the holiday of yours!

Hundreds of England, German, Italian, Russian people in addition to numerous different nationalities get to Rhodos because of these airline businesses and also expended here great holidays!

You will find frequent charters all summer though you have to book the tickets of yours in advance in case you want to get an area in a particular plane.

In case you’re from outside Europe and also wish to go to Rhodos, you may have a flight to a European community and also from there may take a charter.

Or perhaps, I’ve a much better idea! Take a flight to Athens, Greece capital. And from Athens may take an Aegean Airlines plane as well as fly straight to Rhodes. In aproximatelly a single hour you achieve this great island by airplane from Athens. Nevertheless, once again! The planes are complete during peak season, therefore book ahead of time!
Here’s a travel tip in case you fly with Aegean Airlines to reach Rhodos Greece

Generally, by the end of January, Aegean Airlines launches a really appealing promo plan and also you are able to obtain tickets at excellent prices! This’s exactly how we flew to Rhodes with a bit less than 150 EURO per person from Bucharest!

Outside the peak season, the quantity of flights decreases and also there’s just a single company that works flights throughout the year round for this airport terminal. I’m speaking about the Greek national airline business, Aegean Airlines.

Aegean Airlines has direct flights from Thessaloniki and Athens throughout the year round. The flight time to Rhodes is aproximatelly a single hour and also the products aboard are truly excellent!

You also have a bite and drinks contained in the ticket price! And also in case you stick to the advice of mine and purchase tickets when you will find promo prices, you are going to get not merely an attractive but additionally a more affordable holiday on this island.

For people that have a bit of time as well as wish to really feel the actual greek vibe, we suggest you consider a journey by ferry from Athens to Rhodos.
Get to Rhodes by ferry

This’s probably the most genuine way to go all over the Greek islands. This’s the way our grandparents being used to traveling. Do not be shocked if on the ferry you are going to find a great deal of older individuals as well as lots of pupils!

You understand why?! Well, it’s really easy! They’ve time but do not have a great deal of cash! And also the ferry is regarded as the appropriate transport for them!

A trip from Rhodos to Athens, being much more exact to Piraeus that’s the Athen’s port, lasts for aproximatelly seventeen hours. Plus many of us do not have the some time to invest on a ferry when there’s another option: one hour by plane.

But there are frequent ferries from Piraeus to Rhodes that leave Piraeus in the evening, based on the scheduler often between one PM to six PM.

The costs begin from fifty EUR per person with the economy seat and from ninety EUR for a cabin foundation in which you are able to sleep all of the right way to Rhodos.

The costs begin from fifty EUR per person with the economy seat and from ninety EUR for a cabin foundation in which you are able to sleep all of the right way to Rhodes.

Do not get off of the ferry at the initial stop, since you are going to be on a bad island! What I’m attempting to show you is that there’s not a non stop ferry from Piraeus to Rhodes.

There are several stops until you achieve your ultimate destination Rhodes. Most frequent stops are on the following islands: Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos and Kos.

Additionally, there are ferries which happen to have an extended path until they arrive at Rhodes. If you decide on that ferry, then you definitely will understand that moving toward the last spot you may have several stops on Santorini, Mykonos or Crete.