What are Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs)?

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By properly integrating an image of a proposed growth with a depiction of its existing context, all AVRs/ verified views clarify the location and also massing of a recommended advancement. They may also show extra buildings including the level of visibility, building form or choice of products chosen.
In their most sophisticated type they provide an extremely valuable impact of how a finished advancement would search in its setting under specific lighting and weather.

A brief non-technical outline of the procedure included is as follows:

Selection of needed perspective via a process of assessment giving regard to appropriate preparation support.
Digital photography of needed sight’s guaranteeing the exact area of the cam as well as date and time is tape-recorded.
The sight’s to be then surveyed utilizing the info tape-recorded at the time of the sourcing the digital photography and additionally recommendation factors within the digital photography.
Using these points, the appropriate specifications can be determined to permit a sight of the computer version to be created which exactly superimposes the picture.
The Computer system model is appropriately lit and textured to allow for a qualitative assessment of the recommended scheme.
In addition to the settled picture an official file is released describing the full technique of the view or views created.


We offer differing levels of make top quality which is usually set by all parties prior to jobs starting. The adhering to categories extensively specify the function of the Accurate Visual Representations in regards to the aesthetic buildings that it represents. The classifications are collective with each added level incorporating all of the buildings of the previous level.

AVR Degree 00– Showing Area & dimension (as a toned location superimposed on a picture).
AVR Degree 01– Validating level of presence (as an occluded ‘wireline’ picture).
AVR Level 02– Discussing Building Form (as a merely shaded make in a consistent opaque material).
AVR Degree 03– Validating making use of products using ‘photo-realistic’ make methods.


Whilst traditionally building digital photography has constantly been sourced using 35mm plates with the fast growth of digital photography it is currently possible to exceed the top quality and also resolution of these typical methods. Digital photography likewise offers a much more effective media when it pertains to assessing and refining staying clear of the need of transparency growth, scanning and their linked limit to feasible error.

We make use of a professional architectural professional photographer to source any kind of photography utilized within the AVR’s. The professional photographer has a clear understanding of the processes entailed and also recognize the taped information called for.

We can out resource the study requirements to a survey group that has a vast range of experience in the manufacturing of ‘view surveys’. Offered the source photography and the point of view area the survey group uses a control network (generally the Ordnance Study National grid and Datum) to produce a cloud of view particular study points that can be utilized in the positioning of the digital cam with in the 3D room to match the real life video camera.

All factors are recorded as well as this documentation is provided as part of the methodology declaration.

It is necessary that AVR’s ready to help the Qualitative Visual Evaluation of a brand-new proposition need to be accompanied by a well written, valuable statement confirming the methods utilized and the choices made.

This ‘method statement’ will contain adequate information to permit assessors to understand the files offered, conduct trustworthy comparisons between AVR’s within the same collection and enable AVR’s prepared under one technique to be compared with others prepared using an additional.

Approach statements are shared in non-specialist terminology which is comprehensible to the wide range of professional self-controls likely to be involved in Qualitative Aesthetic Evaluation.