FAQs: Turned parts and CNC milling

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What is your maximum size capability for turned parts?

Our turning abilities range from 0.5 mm to 65mm in size from bar, and also up to 300mm for billet job.
What machining tolerances can you achieve for accuracy transforming?

Tight turned components tolerances of 5 microns can be attained for high accuracy components. For mid-range parts, resistances of +/- 0.01 mm are usually attained.
What are the constraints with little features?

The smallest parts we transform are 0.5 mm in diameter. We can additionally create get rid of sharp conical factors, angles more than 10 levels as well as wall surfaces thinner than 0.5 mm. We recommend you contact us to discuss your design first.
Can you recommend on product choice?

Yes, as a subcontract turning company we have substantial knowledge of the products we use and also can advise the very best milling products or turning materials for your application. These consist of stainless steel, plastic and also brass transformed components.
Can you generate plastic turned components?

Yes, plastic machining is feasible with the majority of rigid plastics, see our gallery for examples.
Can I have message etched onto my machined parts?

Yes, we can maker recessed message with a minimal stroke width of at the very least 0.5 mm. For smaller text and even more complicated features, such as logo designs, we recommend laser etching.
We need product certifications for our elements, can you provide them?

Yes, product certifications are provided with every distribution as criterion. This is part of APT’s devotion to quality and the AS9100 standard and also ISO9001 accreditation we hold.
What production certifications do you have?

We hold the AS9100 requirement, which is the worldwide high quality requirement for the aerospace sector, as well as the ISO9001 certification for quality management. These standards are basic to the means APT operates and also demonstrate our principles and also dedication to quality assurance.
How much time are your shipment lead times?

Our preparations range from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the simplicity or complexity of your component. We will certainly recommend on the delivery timescale when we send your quotation.
Do you supply blanket orders for transformed components?

Yes, thanks to our on-site storage and also efficient production process, you can buy in bulk and abort parts over a 12-month period. Positioning a larger order likewise suggests you can additionally benefit from a better cost.
Do you supply reverse engineering services?

Yes, we can remove layout and also design details from most made elements. Our complete layout as well as design service includes producing technological drawings and 3D designs making use of SolidWorks, if called for.
Do you provide CNC grated parts as well?

Yes, with our Haas machining centres we provide prismatic machining to create parts up to 700mm long.
What are your CNC milling capabilities?

For high quality CNC machined components, tolerances of 10 microns are feasible. Mid-range tolerances of +/- 0.05 mm are typically accomplished.