Blogging 101: How Many Blog Posts Should I Have For Launch?

This is among one of the most typical concerns we at Woblogger see from new blog writers, and also there’s definitely no right or incorrect solution! Below are some points to think of when exercising the number of articles are right for your blog site launch

Exactly how to determine the amount of post to have for launch.

If you ask blog owners that have actually done it all before, you’ll see a variety of solutions. Some blog owners just introduced with one message, some released with numerous. Your blog isn’t most likely to be a failing because you simply began with one, as well as neither will it immediately go viral if you launch with twenty.

What matters much more is exactly how regular you can trust yourself to be. If you make a decision to introduce with one blog post, however you know you’ll have an additional 3 ready to discuss the next week or two, it’s great to introduce with one. If you know you intend to have an additional 3 prepared to go, however life might obstruct of that, and also reasonably you miss your target dates a whole lot, you might wish to have greater than one currently set up in or already published for launch, just in case.

Here are a few techniques you might comply with:

Basic Blog Launch

Day 1 (Soft launch)– Publish your initial message. Invest the rest of your blog site time for the day polishing up your website, asking close friends for opinions, and structure on your plans for future blog posts. This will make it seem less of a huge bargain, and give you some space as well as time to tweak and also refine.

Day 2 (Amping it up)– Release your 2nd blog post, and also service promoting it using Pinterest, social networks and so on

. Day 3 (Introduce party)– Promo your blog site in its entirety as opposed to specific messages. This could be capitalizing on launch days in Facebook teams, creating promo graphics for Twitter, going live on Instagram, personally messaging blogging good friends asking if you can do something for them in return for them assisting you sustain your blog site launch. If you can organize to go online or do a promotion in a Facebook team where your target market hangs out, certainly do that.
Intensive Blog Launch

Prelaunch– Make sure people recognize your blog site is launching quickly and also exactly how it will aid them/be intriguing for them/change their life. You might develop intro photos for social media, intend a launch free gift, or partner with various other bloggers (new or old) to organize a freebie launch package. This can include physical products or digital ones, for example checklists, workbooks, or short digital books.

Day 1– Have one post published, after that publish 2-3 even more over the next few hours while you go all-in on advertising your messages. Promote your contest/giveaway organically

Day 2– Run Facebook advertisements to your target audience (set a very reduced budget plan to start, and make certain you’re targeting people by specific interest, age as well as area, not just ‘blog owners’). This must be to advertise your giveaway or package. Publish an additional article and advertise it on social media sites and also any type of specific niche teams or online forums where your audience socializes. Sign in with your friends to see if they can aid you.

Day 3– Release one more article and also advertise it. Continue this approach by releasing one message a day over the following week and after that slow down the pace down so it’s even more workable in the long-term.
Super Easy Blog Launch

Release one article for launch that introduces your blog site as well as your prepare for it, then one more that provides your viewers a solid idea of what a typical blog post on your website will certainly resemble. Post a new post every day for the very first week, one every other day for the second week, and then follow what will certainly become your normal schedule (so 1-2 a week approximately). Using this strategy, you ‘d want to have around 12 posts all set for launch.

This approach functions well because it gives your visitors something to see as well as something ahead back for, without it being overwhelming or uninteresting. It also provides search engines much more to index and more information to recognize what your internet site has to do with, so you remain in an excellent position to begin ranking for terms as time goes on.
Catches to stay clear of

Quality constantly defeats quantity. If you find yourself having a hard time for points to create, or you feel like a post is a massive struggle to create, take a step back and pause. Planning your content schedule beforehand can really aid increase the quality of your posts. It’s far better to skip a day (and even a week) than put out a post that isn’t valuable or interesting.

Beyond of the range, do not spend for life on a blog post if you recognize you’re a perfectionist. “Good enough” is absolutely great. It’s far better to have a message out there in the world that doesn’t have exactly the right pet image than to not have the post at all. Your visitors will inform you if something is wrong sufficient to need taking care of.

The number of article you have ready should not be the something stopping you from releasing. If you contend least one article and whatever else is done, struck the button and go online. You just have to do it due to the fact that there will never ever be a “ideal” minute, and also anything you detect later can be fixed or altered. If you’re still placing it off, it’s not the number of article that’s worrying you, however something else concerning your launch. In this scenario, it’s best to chat it through with somebody near you so you can get to the origin of what’s in fact fretting you or creating you to hesitate rather. And also don’t stress– every blog writer has been with the very same point!

Remember that your traffic and also target market will accumulate gradually. Not everyone is mosting likely to visit your web site on day one (under 100 gos to is regular for 99% of blog sites), so it does not matter that you just have 1 or 2 blog posts to start with or that your blog isn’t excellent. A number of years down the line, many blog owners keep in mind extremely little concerning what they did for launch or what messages they had. And the very best part is that as soon as your launch is over, you can concentrate more on your web content and also creating your blog site.