Android Repair and Recovery

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The android operating system is the most popular choice for mobile phones and tablets manufactured by LG, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Sony and Nexus phones/tablets owned by Google. 

Different ways in which data can be lost on Android phones and tablets 

There are many ways in which data can be lost. Files, emails, pictures, and other valuable data may be deleted inadvertently if you press a wrong button, complete a factory reset or when you uninstall an application on your phone. Your phone will also get damaged, and data loss will take place on dropping it onto a hard surface or when you mistakenly make it fall into a liquid. 

Data clinic’s technique of tablet/phone data recovery 

Our dedicated team has acquired the desired knowledge and knows all sophisticated methods to recover data safely from your Android tablet or mobile phone. We provide two additional hardware solutions –

  • JTAG 
  • Chip – Off 

But other phone/tablet recovery service providers offer only one software solution to retrieve and recover lost data. Our hardware solutions are used on HTC, LG, Huawei, and Nexus mobile devices successfully. 

Chip Off and JTAG advantages 

In case software recovery doesn’t work, JTAG and Chip Off are hardware recovery solutions that extract data from mobile tablets and phones. For bypassing the Android operating system, JTAG techniques are used that helps to retrieve data by using access ports on the phone’s motherboard. Chip Off removes the phone or tablet’s chips and reads the data directly from them. Compared to software recovery applications that are too simple, both Chip Off and JTAG are far more advanced. 

These two techniques are the best options for recovering lost data from Android tablets and phones compared to software applications that won’t get you back the data. 

Benefits of choosing Data Clinic 

The Data Clinic’s Android data recovery team helps recover data from mobile phones and tablets almost every week, whereas other companies have failed to perform. You can call us at our local recovery center or 08001512207 to know more about our recovery services. 

Forensic recovery of Android phones and tablets

Forensic examiners extract lots of information from Android tablets and smartphones as they store huge quantities of data that includes pictures, chat logs, emails, videos, web histories, place data. Mobile data is quite useful for determining how the smartphone has been used and about the actions and whereabouts of all relevant events. 

We have been providing services since 2002, and we are leading in the UK and nationwide that has made us the best reliable company with proven track records and exceptional success rates.