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What is in the Sainsbury’s Half Price Toy Sale?

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The annual Sainsbury’s half-price toy sales event is highly anticipated by the majority of people. It’s a good thing that which we are able to identify the date for the event from the previous sales dates.

Be sure to read our money-saving tips first to make sure that you are receiving a great deal and to also save more money on purchases you make.

As frequent shoppers at the Sainsburys just a few steps away We are always aware of when the Sainsbury half-price sale on toys begins.

It’s the same time every year in October , and is a great way to make Christmas more affordable for those who prefer to take advantage of bargains at half-price earlier.

When will be going to be Next Sainsburys Toy Sale?

The next half-price Sainsbury’s toys sale is scheduled to take place on the 12th of October, 2023.

This is the same as for at least the past three years. The sole reason why the 2021 sale took longer than normal was due to supply chain issues that caused problems for many Toy sale this year.

The Sainsbury’s 50% Off Sale is over. Toys Sale Dates

This Sainsbury’s Toy Sale is among the most frequent sales on the calendar of annual toy sales. Prior to the calendars listed below, it could be held during the same time of year.

We use these old dates to help us predict future dates prior to when officially announced dates have been released and we adjust accordingly.


Because of supply chain issues that affect stock levels and inventory levels, in 2021, the Sainsbury’s toy sale was moved to an earlier date in the year.

From Wednesday 10th November until 15th November 2021 (7-day Sale event)


The Sainsburys 50 percent off toys sales occurred in the middle of October. This year, it was held for eight days.

From Wednesday 14th October until the 21st of October, 2020. (8-day auction event)


In previous years the annual sale at half-price began in mid-October.

from Wednesday 16th October through Tuesday 22nd of October, 2019. (7-day Sale event)

Delivery Costs

When you shop online, you must be aware of delivery costs in relation to the amount you’re purchasing, they can be very expensive even for small orders.

Sainsbury orders below PS40 will cost you PS7 for delivery standard.

For orders that exceed PS40 the cost is different between PS1and PS4.50.

Click and Collect is free on orders of more than PS40 The PS4 will require less.

Certain alternative toys sales provide free shipping, however these are expensive delivery costs. It may be beneficial to bundle it with other items that you’ll need.


You are able to typically return the item within 30 days after purchase with receipt.

What’s included in the Sainsbury’s Half-Price Toy Sale?

Sainsbury’s has the following assortments of toys. All of them include some toys that appear in sales.

Crafts and arts
Baby toys
Action figures and dolls
Games & puzzles
Outdoor toys & garden games
Pre-school toys

You will find many of the most well-known toys brands, such as:

Harry Potter
Lol dolls
My Little Pony
Paw Patrol
Peppa Pig
Star Wars

Tips to save more Tin Sainsburys Toys Sale

Nectar Points

It should go without that you keep track of all of your Nectar Points on all of your Sainsburys purchases, including sales.

Utilize our Nectar Points Calculator to determine the worth of your points as well as ways to increase their value.


Topcashback offers cashback offers on online purchases.

When I wrote this for those who spent more than PS40 at the time of writing, they offered:

The new customer is home delivered 11.5 percent
A New Client Clicks to Collect and Pays 16.5 percent
Existing customers home delivery 3.3%
Customers who are already customers click and collect 5.5 percent

They are great rates for cashback at the supermarket.