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The Benefits of Pack Stations and Work Benches

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Through the evolution of the company over the years there continues to be a focus on electronic innovations, nonetheless, manual work is also most indispensable part of the market.

Businesses often attempt to keep updated with the most recent technology advances and why must this be some many for the mechanical workers?

A report from HSE captured that in Great Britain 6.9 million work shifts have been lost because of work related musculoskeletal problems (WMSD) in 2018/19. This shocking figure could be significantly reduced by just purchasing ideal working places for employees.
Packing Stations and Work Benches

Level adjustment

A packing bench gives you a small location for workers to access tools. It’s not advised for anybody to be sat for lengthy periods of time. Thus, having a height adaptable work bench is important in maintaining the workforce as cozy it can be. This particular way, employees can other between upright and sitting to lessen the chance of musculoskeletal problems.

Dealing with area

It’s crucial that you have a selection of’ reach’ zones within the workbench itself. Having goods equally far and near lowers the chance of repetitive strain injuries and guarantees all muscle groups are used.


An additional benefit of work benches is making each work processes much more lightweight and therefore producing a bigger surface area to operate in. This could boost your working capacity and cost-efficient running of the business. You likewise have the choices of movable table cutters to lower the number of floor parts required for various tasks.
Anti-fatigue Standing Mats

The mat reduces pressure and fatigue on legs and feet. If workers are required to stand for extended time periods, the mat will assist in reducing the chance of musculoskeletal damage.