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Kia Picanto Running Costs and MPG

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Because of the Picanto’s size, its high standard fuel economy must occur as no surprise. Although the engines are easy, petrol only, and also with a turbocharger just on the top spec GT Line S version, the car’s simple construction and light weight would mean they stay unstressed and will get back numbers that are very good. Most designs – except the 1.2 automated – come with stop start tech, also.

Probably the most effective Kia Picanto fuel average comes from the fundamental 1.0 litre – it is going to return as much as 55.4mpg on the combined WLTP cycle, and also emits from merely 116g/km of CO2. Pair it together with the optional four speed automatic, and also economy stays fixed but emissions grow to 121g/km.

When you often use the Picanto of yours frequently on quicker roads, although, the requirement to work the fundamental motor difficult to be anywhere means those fuel economy figures tumble. For that reason, we would prefer to choose the 84hp 1.2-litre. It is going to return as much as 50.4mpg with a mechanical gearbox and emits 128g/km.

Choose the automated, nonetheless, and these figures tumble to 43.5mpg as well as 148g/km.

The 99hp 1.0 T GDI – a three cylinder with a turbocharger – claims to go back as many as 50.4mpg and emits 128g/km of CO2.

Nevertheless, our 6 month long-range test of the 1.0 litre T GDI found fuel economy a bit disappointing:’ You are able to count on an automobile with a performance credentials to not provide probably the very best fuel figures though I should confess I was continually dissatisfied with the fuel economy of the GT Line S. There were instances when I was disciplined adequate to attain a pretty frugal driving like but was still not able to capture something more than 35mpg.’

Tried-and-tested engines
Good reliability record
Reassuring seven year warranty

Generally there should be few worries with regards to reliability. The Picanto is driven by engines applied to the existing Picanto along with other types in Kia’s assortment of automobiles, therefore any major issues ought to have been ironed out a very long time ago.

If something does go wrong, the automobile advantages from Kia’s comprehensive seven year warranty which includes you for 100,000 far of getting, but ideally you will not have to utilize this.