Choosing Best Lunch Box for Kids

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So, your youngster started school this year. You load nutrient-rich healthy and balanced food in his lunch box every day.

Yet something just doesn’t feel right.

It’s either the method the lunch box is built. Or food simply doesn’t align or look good together. Points get frequently messy. Your son requires help with opening the food container as well as feeding himself at school …

I’m talking about myself here, really.

When it involves food, I do a respectable task. For many situations, I make certain my young boy consumes natural, whole, self-made food. Which’s what I load for his lunch.

But things is that it’s not just about the food. For our children to have the best lunch experience at college the lunch needs to be crammed in an ideal method.

Just like everything else the selection of lunch boxes available on the market today is overwhelming. That’s just how I wound up with an entirely ineffective lunch box for my boy. It’s time to discover the ideal one.

What’s the most effective Lunch Box for Children?

Prior to beginning my research on the very best lunch box for kids around, I made a decision to make a checklist of everything that I try to find in an optimal one. So right here is what I came up with:

NO PLASTIC– I’ll clarify in the following section why loading your kid’s lunch in a plastic container is not a good idea.
Little and light-weight– I desire my 3-year-old to be able to fit it into his knapsack and after that lug the knapsack on his very own.
Area lunch box– I feed my boy and our entire family based upon USDA’s MyPlate guidelines. So an excellent lunch box requires to have different compartments for all food teams– veggies and fruits, protein and grains.
Easy to open– I don’t want my boy to rely on somebody else’s aid and remain starving if he can not open his very own lunch container.
Not too pricey– really, this is not as vital. If all the other points are met, I prepare to splurge as well as obtain that a person perfect lunch box. Since my kid’s health comes first.

Bid Farewell to Plastic Containers

I have no tolerance when it comes to plastic.

I know you may suggest that plastic containers are lighter, a lot more practical, cheaper (much cheaper!). Plus there are plastic Tupperware lunch boxes that claim to be BPA-free, hence safe for storing food.

However here is the truth …

Plastic is plastic– even if its BPA or the-hell-knows-what-else complimentary!

This implies that when it enters into contact with cold, hot or acidic conditions, plastic starts to degrade. After a variety of cleans, you’ll discover that your previously charming plastic container doesn’t look as great any longer. Additionally, over time it’ll begin to preserve smells. Don’t believe me? Simply go and smell your plastic containers. Do you truly desire THAT to find touching your or your child’s food?

I know I do not!

Simply one last aspect of plastic. It’s not environmentally-friendly either. And also if you respect the world as well as want to reduce your carbon footprint, this is one more factor to say goodbye to the plastic lunch boxes.