The Benefits Of A Quartz Worktop

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All-natural quartz is a tough mineral, however is not usable in the state it is located in. Usually, 90% ground quartz is incorporated with resins, polymers and pigments to develop the tough surface you’ll see in cooking areas.

In order to produce it, the natural quartz crystals are mined before being ground down right into a great dirt. Material binders are then included under a really high heat and also pressure, which forms a strong piece. During the process, pigments added adjustment the colour.

Here are a few of the leading reasons you need to take into consideration a quartz worktop for your kitchen:

The marriage of nature as well as science in production means we have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the appearance of a quartz worktop.

As an example, the coarseness of the ground crystal influences whether the worktop shows up flecked or smooth. The pigments made use of can subtly alter the colour, or make it copy another kind of stone such as granite or marble, as well as can even include huge treasures or crystals. There are varicolored as well as singular colours available, along with various other finishes such as antiqued, leather and sharpened.


One more benefit of quartz is its fairly influence on the atmosphere. Quartz is the most common product in the planet’s crust. Mining it harms the environment much less than extracting various other, rarer elements does.

Quartz is unbelievably tough and resilient. It is non-porous and extremely immune to cracks and stains. Unlike a granite worktop, a quartz worktop will certainly not call for securing or resealing.

Quartz worktops Manchester are also naturally scratch-resistant– only three other natural minerals can scratch it (diamond, sapphire and topaz). Quartz surfaces are more powerful and also tougher than granite– they have four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance. They also outmatch marble, and rank 7 on the Mohs firmness range.

Quartz is also really easy to tidy using simply light soap, water as well as a towel.

It also worth mentioning, though, that they have some slight disadvantages– they are not warmth resistant, and for extremely big worktops or worktops there will be joints.