Advantages of garden gravel

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Gardeners have been using gravel in their yards for many years as a result of its convenience and also simple maintenance. We review the advantages of garden crushed rock as well as how you can utilize it to draw out the most effective in your yard.


When you think of crushed rock, you probably image something bland and grey– definitely not something you desire related to your garden. Nonetheless, gravel can be an exceptionally functional and also appealing addition to your yard, with an array of gravel alternatives readily available in various colours as well as dimensions. You can integrate crushed rock in fascinating patterns and layouts, or utilize it to enhance your plants, either in elevated beds or as elegant, natural-looking borders.

Easy to lay and also keep

Among the very best elements of yard gravel is the convenience of which it can be laid and maintained. Gravelled locations require just be dug deep into by around 5cm prior to laying as well as, when laid over a semi-permeable landscape, prevents weed growth. This suggests that after laying, gravel is mainly maintenance totally free, in many cases, for decades! Our gravel yard is evidence of a crushed rock yard’s longevity and also has endured without maintenance given that 1992.

Climate resistant

One of one of the most helpful characteristics of garden gravel is its performance in both arid and also extremely wet problems. It is exceptional at covering completely dry, revealed items of parched dirt and also makes an ideal setup for a Mediterranean-style option of plants, like lavender, euphorbias, Santolina and also Phlomis. If you stay in a wet climate, never ever are afraid, gravel has terrific water drainage abilities which protect against plants from being sunk during heavy rain.


Basically, gravel is cheap as well as easy on your budget plan– that’s what makes it a preferred choice for driveways. This is specifically real if you purchase locally sourced gravel as opposed to importing from abroad. As aggregate suppliers, we provide a large option of budget-friendly aggregates, stones and crushed rock to ensure that you can bring your crushed rock garden goals to life.