Why Using A Written Tenancy Agreement Is Important

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Is it an authorized requirement to employ a written tenancy agreement?

There’s no legal requirement to capture a tenancy agreement England and Wales on paper. A landlord is able to concur the conditions with a tenant orally. In Scotland all brief assured tenancies (SATs) should be captured in writing to become legitimate.

Oral plans are often preferred when the landlord understands the tenant in trusts and advance him, and when the landlord would like to hold the arrangement casual therefore it can certainly be ended or even changed quickly.
Not drinking a written agreement drawbacks the landlord only, and not the tenant

Probably the most crucial piece of info to take away from this particular post is the fact that a sure shorthold tenancy is created under specific circumstances regardless of whether it’s formalised in a written paper.

Not writing the arrangement down doesn’t alter the rights that a tenant has under the obligations or an AST of a landlord.

Furthermore, a tenant has several rights which can’t be taken away, both within a written agreement or otherwise. A landlord can’t eliminate these statutory rights by overriding them within a dental understanding, nor if could he imagine they were not part of the agreement since they weren’t down on paper.

Several of these rights connect with ending a tenancy and also changing the conditions, therefore it will be an oversight to believe that a casual plan may actually be ended or even changed quickly. With an oral understanding, it’s not the plan which is casual, simply the history on the arrangement.
Reasons to utilize a written tenancy agreement

It’s a criminal offence for just a landlord to take on a tenant without a composed summary of the primary key terms of the plan, both within six weeks of the beginning of the tenancy or within twenty eight many days of a petition by the tenant for that info. If a landlord offers some info to the tenant in posting, it’s just as simple to capture the whole agreement in writing.

A written contract signed by all parties can’t be disputed later on. A written contract functions as a history of that which was agreed. If a tenancy have been agreed orally, there might be arguments later on about the conditions that had been agreed, even when, during the time of agreement, the conditions appeared to be clear.

When a tenancy has going, you can’t induce a tenant to sign a contract, regardless of whether it differs the conditions agreed simply or orally confirms them. A landlord shouldn’t allow a tenant get profession until the documents is signed (and the deposit has cleared the bank). In case he does, maybe after agreeing the conditions orally, he will not be able to record them.

Very much of the law favours the tenant. Nevertheless, there are cases where the balance of power can regain their the landlord by incorporating certain clauses within the understanding. A good example is restricting several of the things the tenant could do within the home. A written agreement permits the landlord to confirm he’s protected the position of his to a much better degree than an oral agreement will allow.

To make use of the statutory deposit systems, a landlord must offer a created tenancy agreement.

To use the accelerated possession procedure to evict trouble tenants, a landlord should have provided a created tenancy agreement.

Certain organisations like banks and benefit offices may require the tenant to prove he’s such by requesting a text on the tenancy agreement. It might not be easy for the tenant to keep the home inside the state the landlord wishes in case the tenant can’t access services which want him to prove he’s a tenant.


There’s no legal necessity for licences to occupy being recognized in writing. Nevertheless, a lot of the exact same arguments for getting a created tenancy agreement apply.