What Counts As An Emergency Boiler Repair in Bromley?

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We realize it is a confusing time for everybody throughout the Covid 19 crisis, and it is hard to know what you are able to do.

Heating and plumbing repairs such as emergency boiler repair are given by the authorities as ‘essential services’ and thus are likely to go on throughout the Coronavirus lockdown.

There’s a threat of disease when an engineer is in someone’s home, therefore we stick to the standards the federal government provides us to make sure you and also our engineers are healthy.

For that reason, we’ve resolved that we’ ll just go to crisis situations while societal distancing measures will be in place, as well as we’ve suspended all non – required services and work.
What constitutes a heating & plumbing emergency?

So long as all wellness and safety tips are implemented, we’ ll send out an engineer in the following instances :

Malfunction of the total boiler: Complete loss of warming or warm water.
Internal flooding/water harm is very likely: wherein plumbing malfunction is likely.
Blockages of the drains contributing to obvious flooding: where outside blockages which are to the house are obstructing the drains.
Loss of bathroom amenities: in which you don’t have access to a minimum of one working toilet.

What qualifies as non – vital what’s not?

You’ll be discussed for emergency situations and non – important circumstances in case you purchase high quality home emergency cover. We cannot attend the following sadly at present :

Not deemed vital at this moment: While it’s vital that you have your boiler maintained annually, it’s not considered vital at this time.
Intermittent faults are all those where there’s no total loss of warm water or maybe heating but the fault is negligible.
Loss of heat in different rooms: where specific radiators do not work, but temperature in some other areas does not work.
Taps which drip: We understand how annoying it could be, though it’s not regarded as an urgent situation.
Where there’s a substitute: In case you’ve a toilet which is not working but has a chance to access various other toilets which are working, this wouldn’t be looked at an urgent situation.

Even though the social distancing guidelines continue to be in place, we’re executing all we are able to to stop the spread of Coronavirus and keep you and also our designers safe. You’ll be required to sign nothing, aside from the usage of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) along with repeated handwashing.