What are my responsibilities with regards to business water?

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Under the Safety and Health laws, companies are accountable for supplying an ample source of high quality drinking water in addition to sufficient and suitable bathroom and cleaning facilities, including long showers if acceptable on the work type.

And under UK law, the organization of yours is liable for having to pay for any water you make use of and also for the drainage of liquid waste from the premises of yours.

This possibly does not come as a shock, but you’ll find various other duties of care you have to take into consideration with regards to water cleanliness.


The company of yours is accountable for managing risks from the legionella bacteria. The HSE states that: “As an employer, or maybe an individual in charge of the premises, you’re accountable for health and need and safety to carry the proper measures to lessen the chances of exposure to legionella.”

Legionella bacteria are carried on tiny droplets of water that will be airborne as well as be inhaled. If a person is afflicted with the legionella bacteria, they might continue to have Legionnaires’ Disease and that is likely deadly, particularly to the elderly as well as individuals with pre existing health complications.

To be able to manage the risks and stop a Legionnaires’ outbreak, it is vital that you understand much more about the bacterium and just how it causes damage.

The circumstances which enable the legionella bacteria to flourish are stagnant water systems which are between 20 45oC. Additionally, deposits, like sludge, rust, natural matter and scale, provide nourishment for the bacteria. In domestic homes, wherever we flush water through the device on a daily basis as well as the warm water tank is heated to temperatures that are high, the danger of legionella is very small.

The bacteria are more than likely to be distributed from methods which aren’t in continuous use, as well as additionally from systems which produce fine droplets of h2o, which disperses the bacteria. Many outbreaks are traced to air conditioning plants where water is saved and reused, but there are already instances where individuals have contracted Legionnaires’ from improperly maintained pools, hot tubs, automobile washes along with yard hose pipes.

What the business of yours must do with regard to legionella

HSE guidance outlines your company’s responsibilities with regard to the command of legionella. The business of yours must appoint a’ responsible person’ to guarantee management of the chance. The conscientious individual should have “sufficient authority, competence, knowledge and skills regarding the set up to make sure that every one functional procedures are performed in an effective and timely way and implement the control methods as well as tactics, i.e. they’re suitably informed, instructed, educated and also assessed”.

You should take adequate measures to control and stop the bacteria, in addition to undertaking regular legionella testing Leeds. The frequency of tests would depend on a risk evaluation as well as the system type you’ve.
Heading to work

With increasingly more employees going back into work after lockdown, it is more critical than ever to take measures to make certain that the staff members of yours are protected against the legionella bacteria. With drinking water systems and air cooling units lying rarely used for months or even weeks, at a period of year with conditions that are perfect for the bacteria, it will be a smart idea to perform a legionella examination together with your reopening strategy.