Do you need to insure your boiler?

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What’s boiler cover?

Boiler cover, also referred to as boiler care, is an insurance policy which can purchase the expense of fixing and also servicing the heating system of yours and boiler.

It indicates a professional engineer is going to come out when your boiler breaks down, and also you’ll be discussed because of the price of the:

Phone out



You will find 3 primary gas types and oil fired boilers you are able to insure: combination, condensing, and conventional boilers.

Do you require boiler cover?

Replacing or repairing a flawed boiler is able to cost you thousands of pounds, so experiencing an excellent boiler insurance policy installed may just help you save from an enormous bill.

You might not have to have a boiler policy if:

You rent the house of yours, because this must be covered by the landlord of yours.

You’ve boiler cover together with the home insurance policy of yours.

Nevertheless, you might just get very basic boiler coverage under the home insurance policy of yours. If this is the situation it’s really worth wanting a standalone boiler insurance policy.
What does it cover?

A boiler insurance policy is able to cover:

Controls and boiler: This covers the expense of maintenance when your boiler breaks down, like the thermostat and coder. Many will replace the boiler of yours if it can’t be repaired, provided it’s under 7 years old.

Central heating: This covers the expense of maintenance for your gas central heating system as well as radiators and also the warm water cylinder.

Annual boiler service: This provides you with an annual visit from a registered Gas Safe engineer who is going to check the boiler of yours and central heating are in fine performing order.

Probably the most essential policies just cover your settings and boiler, but most boiler cover companies offer policies which address all 3 benefits.

Look at the cover levels each insurer has. Some just cover as many as 250 per case and only 2 call outs a year, but others offer limitless cover and phone outs.

The majority of policies provide permission to access an urgent situation helpline you are able to call at any time in case your boiler breaks down.

A household emergency policy is able to deal with the boiler of yours, but additionally covers some other factors as flood damage, blocked drains and insect infestations.

You are able to generally just use home emergency in a real emergency, not for any circumstances or general repairs where repairs usually are not urgently required.

What’s not closed?

You will find specific things that many boiler insurance policies won’t cover, including:

General maintenance, for instance descaling central heating pipes or even taking away sludge

Non gas appliances or dual purpose boilers like Rayburns or AGAs

Faulty showers or even taps

Any faults triggered by someone besides your insurer’s engineer repairing the boiler of yours

Boilers more than a particular age, for instance over 15 years old

Look at the policy documents thoroughly before you purchase coverage because each insurer could set different exclusions.
What impacts the price of boiler cover?

The price of your respective boiler insurance will depend on:

The era and make of the boiler of yours

The dimensions of the home of yours

What extra you opt to pay

If you’ve a well used boiler it is going to cost far more to insure, therefore it might be really worth replacing the boiler of yours with a more recent model.

Some policies provide the choice of waiving the unwanted you’ve paying in the event of a case. Should you choose not to pay an additional the price of the cover of yours will increase.

It’s the quantity you’ve paying yourself towards the price of a case, and is usually set around sixty for boiler insurance policies.

For instance, in case it costs 300 to address the boiler of yours, you might need to spend an excess of sixty and the insurer of yours will cover the other 240.