6 Advantages of having Bi-folding Doors

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What exactly are the advantages of having a bi folding door?

Unlike regular sliding doors, bi folds let you start a whole structure, linking your interior room to the backyard of yours in seconds. With lesser frames along with big windows, a bi folding door allows maximum light into the room of yours; ideal during the summertime. Bringing additional light into the home can immediately alter the sense of a room. Conversely, in case you would love to regulate how much light enters the bedroom of yours, screens can be installed into your bi folds. Moreover, allowing much more natural light into your house means you spend less cash on synthetic energy.

Visually Pleasing

Our Bi Folding doors are offered in a selection of colours and styles, enabling you to search for the aesthetic that matches the home of yours. Whether you really want your bi folding doors to stick out, or merge with the brickwork of yours, there is a function to fit everybody. Our bifold doors also stand out in both traditional and modern homes. Anthracite grey and realistic wood finishes are only 2 of the favorite finishes and colours of bi fold doors. The great aspect of bi-folds is that they stand out from both outside and inside.


In the beginning, it would not be a surprise to believe that a door with and so may glass panels could be very easy to break into, but luckily, which is not the situation! Unlike your regular door which has a main lock, bi folds have a few bolts spread across it, maximising stability and security. There are hair at areas that are various along the doors’ sliding track, making the door secure & impenetrable. If security is crucial for you, bi fold doors are perfectly suited for you, instead of standard french doors, for instance.

Very little to zero maintenance

With Bi-folds, you will benefit from the little maintenance required. Bi-folding doors are created with long life in mind. They are in a position to last long under all kinds of weather conditions. Whether rain, wind or snow, bi folding doors remain intact. The sole maintenance needed is an occasional completely clean with a gentle liquid and detergent. Fortunately, these doors are not hard to clean. With a little, slim frame, plus double glazing, it’s simple to identify dirt and ensure a comprehensive clean. Ideally, cleaning them when a month is going to keep them in perfect condition.

Compact & Flexible

Unlike your normal sliding door, a bi fold lets you fold your’ wall’ away to supply you with much more room. Our regular front and back doors are generally immobile and cannot move; however, bi folding doors could be opened as much or as few as you would like. They provide much more flexibility to suit the lifestyle of yours, offering them superiority over any other glass doors. Moreover, when opened, bi folding doors take up almost no room, and that is ideal in case you’ve a little exterior area. Additionally, they will not get in the form of any specific activities.

Backyard Access

Bi-folding doors will be the ideal strategy to bringing outdoors, inside. As these doors include numerous sections, you’ve the choice to open your door halfway or even all of the right way. These doors are particularly good for wheelchair users or maybe individuals with reduced mobility. This due to the point that they are simple to operate and allow for easy and quick entry. They are ideal for every event, for instance, in case you are hosting backyard parties and BBQ’s etc. and also want easy and quick entry to the home of yours.

You will find several more benefits to owning bi folding doors as well as factors that you must have one installed in the home of yours, such as enhanced energy efficiency – as a result of the triple glazing windows as well as the organic light they allow in. But, we would be right here for some time if we were going through every one of the advantages of installing a bi fold! Bi-folding doors are inexpensive, but come up with a grand improvement to the home of yours. Because they are such a modern and new sort of home improvement, they are desired by so many. Thus, they are able to increase the value of the home of yours, which is ideal for in case you ever wanted to promote.

Our bi-folding doors are made in Aluminium and PVCu materials. In case you are keen on creating a bi folding door installed, get in contact with us. We will offer you a quote and also provide expert tips on this trendy home improvement.