Priyanka Dewan: The roller-skating star who beat disability stigma

Priyanka Dewan was just eight years old when she picked up a pair of roller skates at her mother’s suggestion.

What started out as a hobby soon turned into a passion and the 20-year-old is now an international roller-skating champion.

In 2019, she won three medals – a gold, silver and bronze – at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi.

She says life has been tough on her. She was born with an intellectual disability and endured a lot of bullying while growing up.

But through it all, she says, she is grateful for her mother’s support and urges everyone to “support children with disabilities.”

“The only difference is that people called us ‘special’,” she adds. “But we are just like others.”

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Reporter: Vandana Vijay

Editors: Neha Sharma and Shubham Koul