Wedding Dress Cleaning vs. Wedding Dress Preservation

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We quite often get asked by brides what the distinction is actually between wedding dress cleaning and wedding dress preservation.

“To set it in quite simple terminology, wedding gown cleaning is actually a total necessity after the wedding day of yours whereas having the wedding gown of yours preserved is actually an individual choice and also depends on if the bride chooses to share the gown of her with the following generation.”

Many brides these days recognize the benefits of having their dress cleaned after the busy wedding day of theirs is actually more than. With time, natural elements for example soil, bodily oils, and food stains like icing is able to wreak havoc on the delicate materials the gown of yours was developed with. When left unattended for a couple of years, those aspects of the dress of yours that looked absolutely white prior to putting the gown of yours away will start to break down and cause those untreated areas to yellow.

There’s actually a preferred news story which just recently made headlines telling the story of a brand new bride’s mother that had her dress preserved with a not really popular wedding dress preservation company that’s no longer in existence (for good reason apparently!). If the female’s daughter opened the box (the package had no viewing window) twenty years down the line, she found the wedding gown of her had yellowed as well as had appeared to never actually have been viewed in the very first spot. Basically, the bride was not happy and also the mother was devastated that she would not be in a position to honor her by using the gown of her on the wedding day of her.

Is Wedding Gown Preservation Really Necessary?

In a nutshell, having a clean wedding dress by professionals is important after the wedding day of yours, whereas having the wedding dress of yours preserved is an individual choice for every bride. That particular choice is actually driven by whether a bride would like to keep the dress of her as a memory of her wedding day to be passed right down to the subsequent generation, or maybe in case she really wants to sell or even gift her dress to the next bride. Just developing your dress cleaned provides you with no guarantee the gown of yours is going to be safe from potential yellowing, staining, fraying or perhaps UV damage. To store the wedding dress of yours in a wedding gown storage box is actually the sole method to keep it vibrant and pristine for generations to come to enjoy, or perhaps use once again.

The Old Method to Clean a Wedding Gown

The usual cleaning process for the wedding dress whenever you get it to the local dry cleaner of yours will probably entail the usage of PERC, the most typical cleaning agent used by conventional dry cleaning outfits. PERC isn’t just hazardous to the really sensitive and delicate materials in the gown of yours; it is likewise really dangerous for humans as well as the planet. Thanks to developments in the dry cleaning industry, there is no justification for continuing to use PERC in the dry cleaning procedure, apart from the company owner refusing to update the systems of theirs or perhaps not being financially effective at adapting to state of the art cleaning technologies currently available on the marketplace.

Added Reasons for Preserving The Gown of yours

Fabric and wrinkles “hang” can additionally result in irreparable harm to the gown of yours with the long run. Wrinkles are able to cause fabric to weaken and fray over time at point of the fold. We hand press most of the gowns that we preserve to make certain there aren’t any wrinkles left in the dress before it’s positioned in the preservation display chest of ours. Fabric “hang” is actually caused by storing the gown of yours on a hanger in the closet of yours. You most likely took note of just how heavy the wedding dress of yours was while you are making the way of yours through the wedding day of yours. Letting all of that weight rest on a hanger year after year will inevitably stretch and harm the shoulder material of the gown of yours. To resolve this we have produced shapes and sizes various of busts that the gown of yours rests on in the preservation chest. This enables the dress of yours to rest effortlessly through the years, keeping exactly the same shape the seamstress intended if the gown was created and fitted.

Obviously you are able to view the long run benefits of getting your dress preserved rather compared to “cleaned only”. One of the biggest advantages of ours is actually you receive the museum quality service of ours at a tiny proportion of the cost you would pay at a local dry cleaning service because ALL we do is actually wedding dress cleaning and upkeep.