The story of the Moto Guzzi Le Mans

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It is adequate to say the title to straightaway evoke an image of dedication and sportsmanship, a title which is drenched in the vintage flavour of races run by excellent automobile owners and motorcycle riders, but which for individuals like us with a really unique place in the hearts of ours for the Eagle of Mandello, needed on a more fascinating and legendary meaning, which title is Le Mans.

A saga bearing the Moto Guzzi brand which has the capability to boost the heartbeat of countless riders around the planet and also comprised of effectiveness, mechanical purity, exclusivity, attractive minimalism plus a crucial charisma that nobody has yet been in a position to handle.

The story of the Moto Guzzi Le Mans basically follows the road initially developed through the V7 Sport dynasty and also the dedication of the great specialist Lino Tonti, but currently at time of the shock unveiling of the prototype? at the Premio Varrone awards ceremony late in 1971? the bicycle clearly showed its sporting historical past along with its close links with the recognized bikes which were racing in the Bol d’Or at that particular moment. During the early Seventies, the renowned endurance race was run at the Le Mans circuit as well as September 1971 witnessed the Brambilla Mandracci duo surface in final place after getting led the race for over 10 hours on their V7 Sport equipped with an engine that had been bored out to 850 cc.

This was the original embryo that, several years later, resulted in the commencement of generation of 1 of most highly recommended sports bicycles of the Seventies and Eighties, a bicycle that not merely maintained its track historical past, but improved it with technological innovation and style. In reality, this was the very first Moto Guzzi actually to be conceived in a style studio as well as the first to be equipped with Moto Guzzi’s renowned incorporated braking system.