Best bike racks for VW campervans

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Many VW campervan proprietors and hirers wish to take advantage of the outdoors atmosphere when they head off for a campervan vacation– as well as one of one of the most preferred quests is cycling.

While you might bring your bikes inside the van, the best option is to get a bike service provider for the back of the van. However there are loads of bike providers on the marketplace, and the choice can be overwelming. Every service provider has a different set of features and the rate variety is unbelievable.

This write-up will aid you to arrange with all the brands and their bike carrier varieties, for both the rear door or a tow bar, to make a decision which is the best one for you.

Guide to selecting the ideal bike provider for a campervan

Points to consider:

Rear mounting or towbar installing: A towbar is an excellent idea if you intend to keep the shelf off your door as well as paintwork. Lots of rear-mounted providers assert they will not damage paintwork however it is unlikely that you will be left with an immaculate van after years of attaching the service provider. Nonetheless, rear-mounted providers are normally less costly and also can be much easier to fit.
How many bikes do you require to lug?: There are service providers for one to 5 bikes, and some also bring the weight of electrical bikes.
What is your budget? From ₤ 40 to more than ₤ 400, it seems to be that you usually get what you pay for although there are some instances in which this is not real.
Open doors? Will you require to open up the back doors/tailgate while the bikes are attached? Keep in mind that a tailgate on a campervan requires a lot of clearance so the bikes will certainly have to be relocated far from the rear of the van if you are to quickly open the door. There are some resourceful services for this.
Even more to think about! Do you need added functions, such as bike locks and extra space for broader handlebars or larger electric bikes?
Individual staminas: Are you strong sufficient to mount the shelf as well as add the bikes?
Off the auto: Size of the rack when storing it.

Volkswagen Tailgate Bike Shelf

As the title might suggest these only healthy T5’s with tailgates. They are a fantastic, well made little set that can stand up to 4 bikes. Made from a great grade of aluminium these units have been crafted to work well and look just as good as a bike rack can. The only downside to this shelf is that when fitted (also without bikes) the rear tailgate is hefty as well as has a hard time to keep up without holding. With bikes on it makes the tailgate incredibly hefty.

Atera Strada

These racks are our most recommended bike rack system. The Atera Strada campervan racks do call for a tow bar to attach to as well as come total with trailer board integrated in. The best bit regarding these bike racks, is they have the ability to take out when still attached to the towbar; for that reason permitting access through the rear door(s). Another plus point is that the entire system can conveniently be unclipped as well as relocated even with bikes fitted to it, meaning easy gain access to without all the inconvenience of un-strapping the lots on and off. The bikes and rack for example can be transferred to the back wheel as well as chained up for safety.