Anniversary Wishes: What to Write in an Anniversary Card

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Here is to enduring love! From still newlyweds toasting with wine glasses they started on their wedding day a year ago to parents that are active scrambling to locate an anniversary babysitter to a gray haired couple holding hands over anniversary pancakes and also coffee…that type of enduring commitment is definitely a thing to admire and celebrate.

If you send out happy anniversary charity ecards, the words you create could add a great deal on the pleasure of the event. You are able to have a toast, offer support, talk about a memory or just call out exactly how extraordinary it’s having, hold and stick by one another through time.

And whether it is a card for the own anniversary of yours or maybe that of friends or family, Hallmark’s writers have message suggestions for you. The guide of ours provides strategies for from basic anniversary wishes to hot tributes. Whatever you would like saying, we hope you will find only the motivation you have for getting your pen rolling!
What you should Write in an Anniversary Card

Anniversary Wishes

It is not the quantity of words that counts, although caring behind them. In case the card has stated it all or maybe you are simply not in a gushy mood, it is okay to maintain your private message brief & sweet.


“Wishing an ideal pair a flawlessly happy day.”
“Here’s to the next year of being awesome together!”
“Anniversary cheers!”
“Happy [21st] anniversary, you old lovebirds!”
“Hope you find some time to look again on your sweet memories together.”
“Always knew you 2 had a thing special.”
“Still vibin’ but still thrivin’ right on as much as your forever. Happy Anniversary, you two!”
“Hope the following [ten] years are actually happier compared to the [of yours first decade] together!”
“Can’t think it has been [three] years already. Here is to numerous more!”
“Love and much happiness to just one of our all time favorite couples!”
“Warmest wishes to the fantastic two of you on the [of yours sixth] anniversary.”
“Wishing you a happy’ you two’ day!”
“Another year, yet another excellent reason to celebrate!”
“Congratulations each over again!”
“Siempre supe que ustedes dos tenían algo especial. ¡Feliz Aniversario!”

Writing tip: If the card you have selected presently has “Happy Anniversary” is printed on it, you are able to insert an ellipsis […] as well as a bit of something after it: “…and numerous more!”, “…with love for you both,” etc.
For Partner or Spouse

When it is the own anniversary of yours, there could be a great deal of pressure to get things around right. But what counts most has been authentic and saying the way you feel. The email of yours is a fantastic area in order to thank your partner or loved one, to point out I adore you, to reaffirm the commitment of yours and also to express trust in your future together.


“Happy [11th], [Babe]. I adore you much more every year!”
“[Fourteen] years of mayhem and also marriage! You have made me very happy through each and every one.”
“Happy Anniversary, with all the love of mine, to the best, funniest, kindest, very best guy I know.”
“[Eight] years ago today, you made me probably the happiest male on earth. And I still feel as I am the luckiest.”
“Every day I am still finding things that are new about you to love.”
“It’s been a difficult season, but the love of ours is tougher. Thanks for staying extremely strong through everything. Here is to us…and to some brighter year ahead.”
“I am so fortunate to have you and the love of yours. Thanks for putting up with me for one more year!”
“So grateful that God gave me you to love.”
“It’s the [of ours fourth] wedding anniversary along with our very first as parents. I am very pleased to be sharing the adventure with someone so amazing, and I look ahead to each of the love, wonder and laughter ahead for us.”
“I still recall the way my heart leaped whenever you got down on the knee of yours and asked me being the wife of yours. Needless to say I said sure, and I would say it all once again. Sure for you. Yes to this particular life we have made. A 1000 times YES to our love!”
“Yours is my personal favorite face.”
“Our anniversary marks 365 more times you have made me laugh, learn, appreciate you, develop and be oh so happy we are together!”
“I never dreamed love might be this particular good.”
“Still in this together. Like that.”
“You won the heart of mine next, and Baby, you nonetheless very own it.”
“Love you although I occasionally have an interesting way of showing it.”
“Happy Anniversary to The Better-in-Every-Way Half of mine. Really, you are amazing.”
“Marrying you was the best thing I actually did.”
“Happy first date anniversary to us! You bowled me over consequently and also you still do!”
“We’re out here generating the dreams of ours collectively the same as we said. Love getting beside you, Bae.”
“Celebrating both when you initially promised when and forever you have to succeed official.”
“Feliz Aniversario, Mi Amor. Soy tan feliz de compartir la vida contigo. Te Amo hoy, mañana y siempre.”

Writing tip: In the event it involves the one you like, loosen up and write through the heart. Should you love to joke around together, make use of humor. If you’ve pet names for one another, use those, also.