Ranked: the best game controllers ever

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If you’re anything like us you’ve invested thousands of hours holding video game controllers during your life. As well as, consequently, you possibly hold strong opinions about your favourites – which implies we will make you despise us.

Selecting the very best console gamepads and also joysticks is no small job. Controllers have actually come to be much more complicated and qualified for many years, yet also much more sleek as well as improved– yet the standards are hugely significant as well as are securely lodged within some of our top memories.

Considering all the variables isn’t simple, yet we proceeded and also did it anyhow: here’s a look at our 5 preferred video game controllers of perpetuity. Hope we really did not miss yours!

5) Super Nintendo controller (1991 )

There’s a world of distinction between Nintendo’s original two-button NES controller and also this pleasant six-button Super Nintendo gamepad. The added buttons aided open new kinds of pc gaming, permitting even more gripping experiences on your TV, while the rounded shape supplied the convenience required for prolonged play sessions. Unfortunately, U.S. players were robbed of the colourful face switches that nearly every person else got.

4) Sega Mega Drive six-button controller (1993 )

The Mega Drive came to be the system of choice for fighting game followers in the 16-bit period, as well as it wasn’t even if of Nintendo’s censorship guidelines: this six-button appeal is worthy of a great deal of the credit history, also. Not just did it double the switches from the initial Mega Drive controller, yet placing them all on the face made it much more like the game arrangements, which assisted Road Boxer II rise. Unsurprisingly, the Saturn maintained the exact same standard layout.

3) Nintendo 64 controller (1996 )

While the three-pronged form never really caught on past this one, the Nintendo 64 controller was greatly influential for introducing the analog stick that assisted launch appropriate 3D console video gaming.

Thanks to that, we had fantastic experiences like Super Mario 64 as well as GoldenEye 007, as well as invested numerous hours glued to the telly. Truth be informed, it’s not one of the most comfortable controller around, but it was exceptionally developmental.

2) Xbox 360 controller (2005 )

The initial Xbox controller was an overlarge misfire, while the Controller S luckily resolved its troubles– but the Xbox 360 controller was rather superb from the beginning. It fills your palms without feeling puffed up, while the analog sticks are well-positioned and receptive and also the house button was always useful. Shame regarding the floaty d-pad, yet otherwise it’s a champ.

1) Custom PS4 controller DualShock 4 (2013 )

Structure upon the traditional DualShock layout, this is a controller you simply don’t intend to let go of: it’s flawlessly contoured to your hands, yet crams in a ton of functionality (including a touchpad). As for standard gamepads go, it’ll be tough to ever before cover this. However we would certainly enjoy to see them attempt.

Bonus: Specialized Hall of Popularity

We concentrated on classic gamepad as well as joysticks for the rankings, but could not assist yet include a shout-out to some of our preferred additional devices over the years: the controllers that went above and past the standard to supply unique pc gaming experiences. Right here are three of the best.

NES Zapper (1984 )

Nintendo’s developmental light weapon tech might appear primitive currently, but it was an outright blast in the past thanks to Duck Hunt and also Hogan’s Street.

Guitar Hero Guitar (2005 )

Later guitars upped the accuracy as well as develop quality, but the initial PS2 guitar managed aided gas a lot of fantastic memories of faux-rock fun.

Steel Squadron Controller (2002 )

Capcom utilized to take regular risks, and never ever was that so obvious than with Steel Battalion’s large and costly robot command facility, which had 40-ish buttons and also foot pedals. Chaos.