How to Use Six-Word Stories As Writing Prompts

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According to tale, Ernest Hemingway was tested to create a narrative using just six words. He generated: “For sale: baby footwear, never ever used.”

Six-word tales are an excellent method to exercise your writing without actually having to create much.They can also be utilized to heat up before dealing with an unique or narrative.

When I had initial found out about six-word tales, I believed, “A whole story in 6 words? That’s impossible!”

After that I wrote my first six-word story– as well as it was really very easy, not point out fun! As soon as you write your initial, you can compose a whole military of them. Here’s exactly how six-word tales can be utilized as a terrific writing timely.

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Prior to you write a six-word story, you ought to look at some instances. Here are a few I liked:

” Rapunzel! I am slipping! A wig?!”.

Misleadingly deep puddle. Curious kid missing out on.

” I enjoy you, also,” she existed.

Man-made arm or leg, bungie jump-bad concept.

  1. How to Write a Six-Word Story.

Now that you’ve considered some instances, you’re prepared to compose!

But if you wind up looking at a blank screen today– I was prior to I had the ability to write a six-word story– just assume of a sentence or 2 that could be fascinating and tells a story without informing an entire story.

If you’re still stuck, try this pointer: utilize magnetic verse. You recognize the kind that you put on your refrigerator as well as mess around with? That frequently gives me suggestions.

If you have a concept, however can not figure out just how to reduce it right into six words, right here’s some even more advice: make use of contractions. Usage “I’m” instead of “I am.” Use “They’re” rather than “They are.” Now what if your story is too brief? Usage adjectives. Don’t claim, “the round is round.” That’s just 4 words. Use, “the round is big and round,” or, “the sphere is fuzzy and round,” or perhaps, “The man-eating sphere is hungry.”.

And also do not worry if your six-word tales aren’t artworks. They’re expected to be fun and imaginative.

  1. Use Your Six Word Stories as a Writing Prompt.

When you create or check out a six-word story, you possibly wish to know even more about the story, right? Six-word stories drastically restrict you, and certainly, that’s the point!

As soon as you’ve written a couple of 6 word tales, why not transform it right into a create prompt. Select one, and creating that very same story using as numerous words as you would certainly like. Currently you can develop interesting personalities, surprising plot spins, and also as much summary as you want.


Compose a six-word story regarding anything you like It can be amusing, dark, mystical, and also anything else you can assume of. Then utilize that six-word story as a writing timely.

Write for fifteen minutes and extend your six-word story into a more-than-six-word-story. After that message both stories as a comment.

Make certain to discuss a few other individuals’ techniques. Enjoy!