Why Buy a Bath Tray?

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The boyfriend of mine and I’ve just recently started the procedure of searching for a house to transfer into together. While this particular encounter has stayed generally gotten good and typically enjoyable, it’s shed light on a single core distinction between us: I am deeply zealous about baths, and he does not grasp the appeal. Exactly how someone might ignore the large beauty of sinking into invitingly warm water, splashing around like a kid and comforting in what’s essentially a domestic jacuzzi is beyond me. The house we will ultimately share needs to get a bath tub – and it must use a bath tub capable of housing my bath tray. (These are nonnegotiables, as the boyfriend of mine has just recently discovered.)

Baths are an undeniably gorgeous thing. (And I say “undeniable,” I mean it. Because try as he may, the boyfriend of mine cannot convince me otherwise.) When life offers you a chance to make baths a lot more beautiful than they currently are, you are taking advantage. You stock up on oils that are important. You line your tub’s rim with candles. You get a bath tray.

Bath trays are among life’s most charming inventions. They are trays which perch atop the tub of yours, running from a single side to the other – hovering above the waist of yours when you sink in and from the warm water you have run. You are able to place candles on them, books on them, veritable foods on them.

Some come with a candle holder, an area to prop up a book and a space for a wine glass so secure that there is zero chance of the tasty libation spilling of yours and also blending in with your meticulously crafted bath.

And so do yourself a favor, reader. Purchase yourself a bath tray from Yamboobamboo. Elevate your bath game to a complete brand new level of spa worthy relaxation. since you are able to, and also because you deserve it.