The Ultimate Coffee Brewing Showdown

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We are dissecting the advantages and disadvantages of 6 brewing methods. Everybody likes a completely different cup of java, so we hope you will see only one among these which grinds the beans of yours

French Press

We have that friend who is usually prepared to roll. Does not matter much whether it is breaking down a door with a sledgehammer since they had been messing with the female of yours (yes, that is from the outstanding Ben Affleck movie The Town, do not you dare judge me) or simply shootin’ the bull. A French media is that buddy.

It extracts extremely pure, strong coffee by completely immersing the grounds, and then cleans the espresso and have a mesh sieve and plunger.

A very clean, strong cup of coffee.

You’re the coffee master. You control brew time, so you control muscular strength and, ultimately, taste.

You are able to make 8 cups at a time period – extremely available for company.

In addition to run-of-the-mill hot coffee, you are able to make use of a French media making cold brewed espresso or maybe loose leaf tea.


This is more difficult than clicking a button on the drip machine. You’ve to watch it, grind size matters, water temp is so important, plus you cannot simply allow it to settle for 10 minutes while you iron the shirt of yours, as well as expect it to not taste as crap.

Cleanup is easy in case you’ve a trash disposal. When you do not, you are likely to be throwing a great deal of coffee grounds in a pail, or perhaps something. And also since this takes coarsely ground espresso, you cannot simply rinse them on the sink drain, unless you’ve a crush on the plumber of yours.

Based on the equipment of yours and just how meticulously you brew the espresso, you can end up with sludge or maybe sediment in the bottom part of the glass.

Grind Size: Coarse. Somewhere between the dimensions of raw sugar and rock salt. When you press the plunger down, in case it drops right on the bottom without any opposition, your grind was way too rough. If it is very hard to drive down, your grind was way too good.

Ratio: About 60 70 grams (some coffee scoopers have gram size inscribed on them – usually have a scale) per liter of water.

How-To: Add the grounds of yours and plunge,, wait and warm water. And make use of a wooden spoon to mix the grounds in the media – in case you use metallic, the hot cup might break.

Brew Time: four minutes. Do not allow it to remain in the media after that, or maybe it will do brewing, and the coffee becomes more and more sour.

When you are attempting to impress a date with coffee making skills, pour over is the ticket of yours. Perhaps it is the entire Chemex six cup with all the wood and tassels – the allure of the rustic gentleman. Or even the fresh style of the Hario V60, with cream ceramic and glass.

Whatever it’s, pour-overs look clear and make an incredibly nuanced, soft cup of coffee.

Creates an extremely magnificent cup of java which allows for flavors in the beans to speak on their own, therefore no requirement for any add ins.

It is exciting to experiment and try the gap between types of coffee. Good luck seeing those subtleties together with your parents’ hand-me-down drip machine.

The bonded filter catches sediment and oils, preventing bitterness.

You are able to brew over one cup at the same time.

You will impress the hell from any morning after guests.


With all the readily available accessories, all of that are gorgeous and make you look as you’ve some idea of what you are doing in daily life, you are able to actually spend some significant coin on this strategy.

To thoroughly wash the vessels, you want a long handled brush. One more cost.

While you are able to get editions which are large enough multiple cups, it is most common to brew only one at one time with this particular strategy. So it requires persistence. If you believe you will accomplish this each morning before work, bring a great, close look at yourself and ask if that is actually a bit of real.

Grind Size: About the coarseness of table salt.

Ratio: For a six cup Chemex, 4 or perhaps 5 tablespoons of justification and also aproximatelly 2 and a half cups of water. For the Hario V60, use 3 4 tablespoons of beans for 1.25 cups of water.

How-To: Wet the paper filtration system in the pour over basket to clean away paper flavors and seal it in place, now dispose of that water out there. Next , put in the grounds of yours and gradually pour over the water. Use a gooseneck kettle to appear cool – and, much less notably, to have ideal influence over just how quick and the place you are pouring the water.

Brew Time: Between 3 and 4 minutes.
Capsule Machines

Keurig. That is what this means. The same as each alternate technique on this list, these devices have cons and pros. But mostly cons.

Having said that, placing just a little pod in, cranking a lever and having coffee is what our grandfathers dreamed of. This’s the long term. At any rate, it was the future of theirs. We would hope that the future of ours is going to have better tasting coffee.

Very quick.

Very simple.

Reusable coffee filters let you make use of your own personal fancy grounds rather than their less fancy pods.

Chai tea latte K Cups exist. When you do not think way too hard about how dairy can perhaps live in a shelf stable capsule, it is tasty.


K-Cups could be choking the world.

Between the capsules, filters, and the inevitable, impending robot superwar, expenses add up.

Some would claim the coffee these machines do is much worse compared to some other techniques. Most folks, really. The rest do not understand what coffee that is great really tastes like.

In case you go this particular path, use the recyclable air filters so that you are able to begin with quality product. The greater the beans you begin with, the greater the coffee you finish with. That is science.

Drip Machines

This is your parents’ coffee maker. Portable Drip filter Coffee = set it up and forget about it. They warm the water, push it throughout the a cup of coffee, as well as ensure that it stays sexy.

You are able to program these items the evening before, when you wake up up… coffee.

You manage the water quality, coffee quality, and power of the brew.

With 12 cup options, these items make a great deal of coffee. We are speaking post Thanksgiving dinner quantities of coffee.

Some have unique bells & whistles like an area to place a tea cup where only warm water is released, or perhaps brewing coffee directly into a travel mug.

You are able to do different things while a machine can make the coffee of yours.


Years are squandered by individuals attempting to discover the reason their drip machine coffee tastes “off” without any discernible answer.

You’ve to wash it by working vinegar through rather than drinking water. Hot vinegar which smells faintly love coffee is going to cause you to stand over the sink and simply take a second.

When you depart coffee grounds in the air filter for a couple days, then opened it up and also realize mold. Or when you unintentionally leave a bit of coffee in the bottom part of the container for days as well as realize mold. Basically, mold.

Grind Size: Table salt consistency.

Ratio: Varies. Look at your machine’s instructions.

How-To: Just like any technique, that requires a little error and trial depending on how you like the coffee of yours. Though this method much more therefore, since the machine of yours is going to make coffee in the very own special way of its, so you’ve to change to it. Basically, however, you are simply inserting a filter, adding water, adding grounds, and then pressing a few buttons.

These things appear super cool, and also make incredible coffee. The grounds become totally submerged in water that is hot, and then a lot of stress extracts pure flavor. The strength of the ensuing coffee is much like espresso.

Very lightweight. Excellent for camping, Airbnb ing, or impressing the parents of yours if you visit.

Simple and also oddly satisfying cleanup. You simply pop out a puck of spent coffee grounds, rinse and. If just everything in life was very simple.

Due to the intensity of the pressure, brew time is under 2 minutes.

May be used making espresso, also.

The resulting brew is, in a term, tasty.


You require specific filters for any Aeropress. Not really a great deal, because of the magic of the web.

It is a single cup of java, instead of a huge body.

Grind Size: Table salt consistency

Ratio: This’s actually very convenient. Use one Aeropress spoonful of beans, as well as pack the media on the huge number four with clean water. Or perhaps, in case you’ve a scale, use seventeen grams of coffee & 220 grams of drinking water.

How-To: Rinse the the filtration system with water that is hot once it is in position. Then only add the coffee and press and water down.