The Benefits of Using a Reusable Coffee Mug vs a Paper Cup

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Many coffee drinkers take in coffee each day. If you come by your favored cafe on a daily basis, that goes to the very least 7 mugs being utilized as well as ultimately squandered each week. That’s over 300 mugs each year which does not also take into account various other consumables being served in paper mugs on different events. Right here at Custom Funky we have a selection of cups and travel cups to satisfy your coffee-drinking requirements As Well As help save the environment.

So, why should you use a recyclable cup to contain your favored early morning drink? Here’s our point of view:
Environmentally friendly

If you’ve been thinking of stepping up your recycling game (and even just starting your recycling game) transforming from paper mugs to a multiple-use cup is a wonderful as well as very easy first step! Many people think that paper cups can be reused due to the fact that they are paper but unfortunately that is not the instance. Most paper mugs are lined with plastic or wax to aid keep your joe hot and to avoid the paper cup from dissolving into mush. Because of this special ingredient, paper mugs can not be reused or composted.
Warm Retention

Recyclable mugs have the ability to keep your coffee hot for numerous hours– even if the majority of the moment you might not require it due to your speed of usage. Protected traveling mugs can be found in a selection of designs. We are positive among our alternatives will satisfy your requirements.


There are many multiple-use mug alternatives nowadays that will not only keep your coffee nice and warm but are additionally spill-proof! Fill up your favored novelty mug with your preferred mix and also forget your fears of coffee spots on your favored shirt.
Spending plan Friendly

May coffee shops award those making use of reusable mugs with a discount on their drink. Next time you stop by one, make certain to bring your favorite cup!