The benefits of a professional racking system

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Just how are the modules fitted into the automobile?

Van producers work really strongly with van racking companies. What this means is that cars provide exactly what van racking manufacturers require in regards to the structural engineering plus configurability of the vehicles. Stable subfloors and predefined fastening points which considerably enhance the job of yours, without requirement for the subsequent drilling of holes. A vehicle comes with a van racking technique according to an established design.

Assisted setup by the customer

A van racking manufacturer may offer an online configurator on the platform of theirs for van racking ideas. The latter will help to recognize and arrange the right elements to satisfy the customer’s particular requirements. The way, everyone is able to incorporate their personal van racking technique online. Naturally, a personal consultation is likely with online configuration. The buyer advisor is able to offer helpful info and tips about the configured van racking system and also inform the consumer about exclusive features, innovative items and deals.

Set up of a floor panel

Installation begins as soon as the van racking device continues to be completely configured. A floor board is originally placed into the automobile and then fastened on the automobile manufacturer’s predefined points. This floor control panel offers predefined openings for the assembly of various other components to make sure that the automobile chassis is not harmed. A minimum of 2 aluminium side profiles are fixed on the floor board, between that additional modules is securely and firmly fitted. They are able to not are available loose when the van is fully loaded.

Assembly of the preferred van racking system

Detailed work follows when the floor board as well as the essential elements are fitted. For example, labels could be used to designate the separate elements to make sure that the contents could be found fast. The power gear in the form of lighting or maybe sockets will be installed and extra accessories are connected.

What vehicles can a van racking system be equipped into?

The van racking systems for cars & vans aren’t restricted to certain auto brands. Virtually all makers of vans and estate automobiles are able to equip their vans and cars with Van Racking.

What variations can be found?

The vehicle’s van racking system is able to consist of various elements and also designs.

Boxes and cases

The fixed racking can be purchased in conjunction with BOXXes or cases. These’re removable metal or even rigid plastic cases, that is usually individually equipped. When placed into the racking, the instances actually interact and are therefore protected set up for transport.


Drawers are available in a selection of various sizes and could be professionally built with dividers, Insetboxes and inlays. The XL Drawer designs could be packed and unloaded from outside the car. Based on the automobile, the extremely rigid retaining rails indicate that these drawers may be used along the whole length of the automobile. They therefore additionally provide extra storage space apart from the van racking system.

Lashing systems

Lashing methods are used-to securely stow away bulky loads. Lashing straps and load safety nets are connected to predefined retaining eyelets: they maintain the weight fixed set up in transit. They keep the ton from slipping once the vehicle corners, quickly speeds up or perhaps abruptly brakes.

Optimum van racking technique for optimum efficiency

An ideally fitted out vehicle helps make transporting equipment and programs a lot safer. Employees also can quickly find the gear they require at the workplace of theirs. This improves efficiency and causes serious impression and a professional on website for customers.