How Do I Choose a Litter Bin?

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We recognise that waste management specifications might absolutely differ from a single organisation or even setting to the next. That is the reason we supply a number of various litter bins that will match all types, requirements and budgets.

We’ve responded to several of most widely asked questions to assist you choose which litter solution is appropriate for the setting of yours.

Scroll with the useful litter bin guide below to enable you to select the bin of yours.

FAQ: What capacity can I go for?

We provide a wide variety of litter containers as well as litter wheelie bin housings from twenty five litres of up to 360 litres.

The capability of the bin you need will rely on the intended placement as well as frequency of emptying. Thus, in case you’re searching for devices for increased footfall parts like shopping and retail centres or maybe tourist hotspots, it is very likely you are going to require various bigger capacity bins of 200 as much as 360 litres to record the improved amount of on-the-go litter.

FAQ: Just how much maintenance does the litter bin of mine require?

We manufacture metal and also polymer litter bins with the best materials.

The majority of the polymer bins of ours are produced from Durapol® and require hardly any maintenance.

Durapol can handle tough weather conditions and in addition incorporates UV inhibitors which lowers natural colour degradation and stretches the bin’s purposeful life. This lessens the costly expenses which tend to be connected with cleansing, replacing and maintaining litter bins.

The majority of the metal litter bins of ours are built from Armortec® coated steel that is vandal, weather resistant and oxidation. This will help to to extend the life span of the metal litter bins of ours.

We are certain that the bins of ours are made to probably the highest of standards, which is the reason why our products go through rigorous product testing.

FAQ: What liner do I need to have?

We’ve a selection of liner options to select from based on the intended placement of the litter bin of yours.

Sack retention systems are a favorite option because they allow plastic bags being very easily fitted whilst ensuring the appearance of the bin aren’t affected.

We likewise offer zinc-coated steel liners that are best to be used in fire-risk areas. The robust and strong metal liners typically include drop handles to offer easier handling and a far more hygienic emptying.

Additionally, the strong plastic liners of ours are best to be used in caustic environments as the material won’t rust. The durable polyethylene material is going to absorb impacts without losing the shape of its and can additionally be lighter in weight compared to a metal equivalent.

FAQ: What exactly are the advantages associated with a transparent litter bin?

We understand the demand for protection focused solutions in places where high security and vigilance is needed.

Transparent bins are usually preferred for big events and transportation hubs as the contents can be inspected.

The transparency of the litter containers can also be good for passing users who could rapidly determine the kind of waste which is now being collected. This might also help minimize contamination across the waste management programme of yours.