Does an Air Fryer Work Like a Pressure Cooker?

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There are lots of little kitchen appliances in the marketplace that claim they are able to do almost anything. This article will be taking a look at 2 trendy appliances, air fryers and pressure cookers.

The issue simply being directed in this particular report is do air fryers plus pressure cookers perform within the exact same manner? The short answer to that particular issue is no. While they make appear similar, they depend on techniques that are various for foods that is cooking.
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Just how does an air fryer work?

An air fryer really works by circulating air that is hot around the meals at higher speeds.

The food is prepared inside of a baking basket or chamber. At the upper part of the bin there’s a heating element.

Straight over the heating element there’s a lover which creates air circulation through the chamber. The environment moves up through the bin as well as throughout the foods, and then back down and out.

The high temperature moves all around the meals so that it imitates deep frying in the feeling that the food is in the middle of heating at all the times, have just like it had been submersed in oil that is warm.

A Pressure cooker air fryer combo likewise have an exhaust vent to put out air during the baking process. Because the temperature rises during food preparation, the air pressure within increases too. Venting off of air during the baking method will keep the pressure from making interior of the atmosphere fryer.

Air fryers provide the choice of setting enough time and climate and will prepare at temperatures near to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It produces foods much like what you will have when deep frying.

The air fryer’s claim to fame is they utilize considerably much less oil than you’d usually wear to fry meals, a maximum of eighty % less. Some Instant Pot air fryer recipes might require as few as a tablespoonful of oil. This creates a significantly better version of deep fried foods.

Air fryers also can cook foods at speeds faster than typical frying.

Cons and pros of air fryers

They’re healthier than deep frying since they use a portion of the oil.
They may cook foods faster than typical deep frying.
Save the misuse of all of the oil you will wear for deep frying.
Save electricity since they’re smaller and cook quicker than a standard oven.


Many affordable air fryers are too small and are just realistic for cooking for a couple individuals.
The outside on the atmosphere fryer can be very sexy, raising the chance of burns.
The food created does not really sample the just like with deep fryers.

Just how does a pressure cooker work?

Pressure cookers function by increasing the inner pressure of the large pot to accelerate cooking times. This’s accomplished by working with broth or water and closing it in an air tight container. As the liquid is warmed, it boils and also converts to steam. Because the vapor cannot escape, the pressure inside the large pot builds.

The pressure trapped pressure cuts down on the baking time because the water gets to its boiling faster and at a reduced temperature. Also the warmed steam is pushed deeper into the meals due to the greater pressure, creating it cook more quickly.

After baking is completed, the strain is released therefore the container is often properly opened.

Pressure cooking foods lowers cook times to about one third of the moment it will have for conventional ways to cook. It is able to also be used cooking almost all foods types.

Cons and pros of pressure cooking

It is healthier than some other cooking methods because much less nutrients are lost in the cooking process.
You are able to reduce cook times to as few as a third of the regular cooking time.
You are able to cook a number of foods types together.
Pressure cookers often use significantly less water than you’d usually use for boiling foods.
Pressure cookers consume less energy since they prepare the meals fast.


Pressure cookers are costlier compared to normal cookware.
Pressure cookers can easily malfunction due to damaged components such as the sealing gasket.
You can’t inspect the food of yours while it’s cooking without needing to restart the entire process.
With a broken pressure cooker, or utilizing it improperly can be very harmful.

What exactly are the primary differences between a pressure cooker plus an air fryer?

From what you’ve read through thus far you’ve most likely already picked out some of the primary differences between air fryers and pressure cookers.

While equally make use of very high temperatures in the baking method, a pressure cookers important technique to cooking is pressure that is high. An air fryer positively lowers the strain during cooking and depends on very hot air circulation to prepare foods.

While each use a bit of additional fluid to simply help cook, they utilize amounts plus types various. Pressure cookers generally wear a minimum of a cup of liquid and just work with water or maybe water based broths. Air fryers use engine oil, and also a very small quantity.

Air fryers produce crispy food like French fries or maybe chicken wings. Pressure cookers produces softer food because they prepare with steam.