Cat Mate Cat Flaps – What’s The Difference?

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The variety of Cat Friend feline flaps is among our most popular collections, thanks mainly to their advanced technological attributes as well as ease of use. Nonetheless, we still get a lot of questions from customers asking us simply what the difference is between them all.

Here we stock three items from the Pet cat Companion range– the Elite Super Discerning and the Elite Selective chip and also disc flaps, and also the Elite Super Discerning disc pet cat flap. All of these Smart Cat Flaps supply a variety of different attributes to meet the demands of both owners and their pet cats.

To make points easier, we believed we ‘d information a bit about each product, and afterwards supply a convenient graph to conveniently reveal the features of each.

Cat Companion Elite Super Selective ID Disc Feline Flap

If your feline doesn’t have a silicon chip, or you wish to enable access by means of another approach, this feline flap is for you. It provides gain access to using ID discs that can be affixed to the collar, making sure just pets with a relevant disc can access. It additionally has a timer feature and 4 means lock control.

Ideal For: Approximately 8 cats

Feline Companion Elite Discerning Silicon Chip & ID Disc Feline Flap

With the ability of being utilized with a silicon chip or with an ID disc, this feline flap provides four means lock control as well as helps to keep various other cats or insects out of your home. It is the somewhat a lot more fundamental option out of the microchip flaps, without attributes such as a timer or a pet cat location display screen.

Suitable For: As much as 16 cats

Pet Cat Companion Elite Super Discerning Integrated Circuit & ID Disc Cat Flap

The most advanced of the Pet cat Friend range, this cat flap supplies a host of features to ensure your animal is safe as well as safe. Ideal for use with silicon chips or ID discs, it has an LCD display that shows the area of your pet cat (in or out) in addition to 4 means lock control as well as giving private gain access to features.

Appropriate For: As much as 9 felines