A review of Wilfa Svart Aroma

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Thanks for taking time to read the review of ours of the top quality Wilfa Svart Aroma Coffee Grinder. With an RRP of only under £120, this is a pricey option. It’s however a pro grade burr grinder, and also for that kind of grinder, they simply don’t come cheap.

This grinder doesn’t take up a good deal of space and definitely looks the part also. It’s been created to slip underneath the countertop and additionally to become a space saver in the home.

While those features are good to have, the actual test of any grinder is the power of its to constantly grind an even grind at all of the settings of its. This particular grinder does have a decision of settings based on the brewing method.

There are not really a great deal of internet reviews relating to this grinder, though we did manage to locate twenty reviews. All-around buyers have provided this grinder a seventy five % buyer satisfaction score.

We shall explain that in much more detail just below.

Wilfa Brand

Wilfa is a Norwegian owned business started in 1948, and it is now among the major suppliers of electric powered devices in the Nordic region.

Wilfa is a top brand with focus on design, innovation, safety and quality. The vision of ours is creating a much better experience of daily life, and also in order to supply strong household products.

Exactly how Buyers Rate the Wilfa Svart Coffee Grinder

Internet buyers in general gave the burr grinder an average satisfaction rating of 75%
Seventy % of all customers gave the a complete five star rating
Eleven % of all customers gave this one a terrible rating

What Buyers Say About the Wilfa Svart Grinder

As you are able to envision the opinions are extremely fine and any comments and opinions that we read had been excellent. We do however love to include the detail whenever we summarise up the findings of ours.

We’ve provided those findings in a advantages and disadvantages table just below. We’ve summarised what those internet buyer reviewers must say about this particular product.


Buyers said this’s great at grinding for most coffee types brewing
Buyers such as the way that it’s so easy to set the various sizes of grinds
Many buyers thought it was value that is good for money
Buyers such as the timing function as you are able to set it up after which forget it
Buyers stated it was easy to easily clean


A few of buyers said whenever they got the grinder it arrived damaged
A few of customers said the grind can be inconsistent

Wilfa Svart Specification

We constantly add a specification section on almost all of the product reviews of ours. This enables the readers of ours being a great comprehension of the form, excess fat, and so on of the grinder.

We also love to describe several of the more essential features of the merchandise.

Measures 15.5 x twenty x 31.2 cm
Weighs 1.9 Kg
130 watts of energy by way of a direct current engine
250 g hopper
It’s five different grinding sizes
There’s a timer function
Has a crucial security protection against overload of the engine
You are able to change the grind size for various brewing methods
The coffee bean pot and coffee tray are produced of transparent clear plastic material with a UV filter which protects against sunlight
This particular grinder was accredited by the European Coffee Brewing Centre

The Verdict of ours on the Wilfa Svart Aroma Coffee Grinder

The Wilfa Svart Aroma is a specialist electric powered coffee grinder. It can help you create cafe quality ground coffee in the convenience of your workplace or home.

This’s not an inexpensive buy, but for several coffee lovers this’s regarded as a lifetime purchase.

It’s a great choice along with an experienced burr grinder which will hands down overcome some kind of discount blade grinder.

You will find obviously a lot of burr grinders available on the market, and also they’re relatively more affordable compared to this particular product from the Wilfa brand.

This one is in the roof of the number with regards to quality. Nearly every customer said the distinction in the taste and flavor of the coffee of theirs was noticeable, after they’d used this particular design to grind the beans of theirs.