Why Use WordPress?

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If you are thinking, “Why use WordPress?” you have arrived at the appropriate spot. Pondering this question means you have at least researched WordPress a little or even learned about it from a good friend or colleague. But that does not mean you have totally weighed any cons and pros or checked out the characteristics in-depth.

Consequently, we would love to fail the advantages of utilizing WordPress for you, providing a clear view why it is the most widely used web site content management operating system and site developing software program in the community. WordPress can truly do almost anything!
The site Dilemma – Why Use WordPress?

For average small business owners, names as WordPress, Wix, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, plus Weebly may appear as alien names. The process of creating a site brings these names into the life of yours, since they are all platforms being used to build sites. Each has its very own advantages, while many are employed more frequently for niche sites with particular purposes. For example, Shopify just makes sense in case you are running an online shop. It is not a platform you will begin a blog with next become an eCommerce retailer (check out Shopify alternatives to examine solutions). Magento is within the exact same boat. Many other site builders and platforms have much more flexibility, and those’re usually the people that happen to be very common.

Everything from Squarespace to Wix has great resources for specific levels of skill, though we are planning to explain exactly why you ought to make use of WordPress over most of them.

  1. The application is Open-Source and free

Both WordPress com and WordPress org are totally free to work with. You are able to find out about the big difference between the 2 right here, but in brief, WordPress org is a self hosted model in which you regulate much more of the website of yours and even may take advantage of innovative plugins. WordPress com works terrific for total beginners, though it is not really the very best for a company which plans on earning profits so moving from WordPress com seems sensible. It does have better paid plans, though we suggest it for private and hobby blogs.

But going on, WordPress costs nothing for everyone to obtain. It is an open source project that is been in existence since 2003. What this means is that WordPress is created by a group of contributors. Open-source projects are generally free, with big communities. The users usually engage in this community as simple brand or beta testers advocates, but there is really no necessity for any participation if that is not the style of yours.

Warning: Although the WordPress application doesn’t cost anything, you’ll probably wind up investing some cash. WordPress is self hosted, and so hosting is required. This could begin at around three dolars monthly, for the truly inexpensive shared servers, as well as go all of the right way to as much as a couple of 100 monthly for all those wanting ultimate efficiency and velocity (Like with Kinsta).

You are able to generally discover plugins and themes at no cost, though the premium (paid) people typically give much better features and quality support. Lastly, numerous WordPress users need to pay for extra services, whether it be from agencies or freelancers. For example, you may spend a freelancer to develop a logo for yourself or adjust several of the CSS code on the site of yours. Other WordPress computer users are keen on always keeping graphic designers or maybe maintenance specialists on call. All of it depends on the experience of yours and also the scale of the site of yours.

But in general, you are able to absolutely help keep your WordPress costs to a minimal. Many webmasters wind up just paying for hosting.

  1. It Adapts So that you can Make Any kind of Website

Among the most common misconceptions about WordPress is it is primarily for building websites. At some point in time which was, in reality, the case. WordPress was created as a blogging platform, but which has changed considerably with the different brand new releases over the years.

In reality, WordPress is at a benefit because of its blogging roots. It is undoubtedly among the most clean, quickest means to create as well as post blog posts, and that is all included straight away. Some site building tools consider style and for apps first, and then the blogging interface is packaged in as an afterthought.

That is not the situation with WordPress, which means you are able to build a lovely ecommerce site as well as know the blog is an important component of the improvement process.

  1. It Supports Numerous Media Types

Feel free to take a look at the large list of established file types for WordPress, but are aware the following main groups tend to be accepted:


In the personal knowledge of mine, I have never had WordPress inform me that a file isn’t supported. You are able to look to upload common files as.jpg, .wmv,.mov,.mp4,.m4a,.mp3,.pptx,.doc,.gif.pdf,.png, and.avi. In addition to that, you will not have some issues with more obscure file types as.odt, .ogg,.key, and.3gp.

Even though the are several file formats, like SVGs, which are not allowed, you will find many good solutions being around this. Take a look at this particular tutorial on how you can easily upload SVGs in WordPress. In a nutshell, in case you would love to place a photo, gif, document or video on the site of yours, it is usually major game with WordPress. It is actually common to host presentations and documents on a site without publishing them on a certain page.