The Guide to Visa Types and Work Permit Requirements

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From job permit visas for skilled workers to high-tech ID cards, this section covers every little thing you require to learn about the various Hong Kong visa types. And while the eligibility demands to obtain both short-term and also irreversible home permits for Hong Kong can be rather stringent, the application procedure tends to go fast.

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Once you have chosen to make the move, you will need to get a Hong Kong visa. Hong Kong visa requirements can be hard: it is not a point-based system as well as there is no medical examination, but you will certainly require to demonstrate that you are professional for the work which it can not be done by a neighborhood. On a positive note, the Hong Kong visa application is set you back free.

For those remaining longer than 6 months, you will certainly require to obtain a Hong Kong ID card within one month of showing up. The application and the procedure are reasonably easy, and also, once you have the card, it will allow you to do everything from flying through flight terminal protection by using biometric gateways to obtaining library books.

Job Permits and also Employment Based Visas

Obtaining a task that permits you to move to Hong Kong is typically the trickiest part of obtaining a Hong Kong visa. However, when you have that resolved, the governmental side of getting a job license or work visa in Hong Kong is not as well challenging. In addition to that, Hong Kong work visa costs are for free.
Hong Kong Job Visa Needs

If you transfer to Hong Kong for occupational factors, you require to look for a job visa under the General Work Policy (GEP). You can submit your Hong Kong job visa application form by mailing it or by providing the documents face to face.

A visa under the GEP system is generally provided just for a specific period of time. In order to be eligible, you have to already have a validated job deal as you require someone to sponsor you. (If you do not have an offer yet, see our area on job opportunities in Hong Kong).
Called for Documents

In your visa application, you have to include a statement by your possible employer defining the employment opportunity. When analyzing your application, the Migration Division is most likely to rule in your support if you meet the list below needs:

You have an academic degree along with the essential professional experience for the position.
Your income and other working problems approach regional standards.
You will certainly add to the regional economy as a whole.
The firm can verify that they have located no local to load this certain setting.

The last criterion is normally one of the most difficult to show, especially if you are hired straight by a Hong Kong business. However, for most applications, the immigration authorities approve the evidence they obtain.

As soon as you have actually been accepted for a work visa application under the GEP plan, you are allowed to bring your partner along with single reliant children under the age of 18. For this objective, you must be able to show that your marriage is real. You must likewise be able to sustain your family members economically and also assure them a particular standard of life and also ideal accommodation. Your spouse might likewise obtain a job there without an extra work license.
Family Visa

Specialists that transfer to Hong Kong for work are enabled to bring dependents together with them. Qualifying dependents are:

Spouses (exact same or opposite sex).
Kids under 18 years old.

The application will be preferred if:.

There is reasonable proof of genuine connection between the applicant and also the sponsor.
There is no record to the hinderance of the applicant.
The sponsor has the ability to support the applicant monetarily and give holiday accommodation for them.

When applying for a reliant visa, the candidate has to provide the complying with files:.

Filled out application (ID 997).
A recent photograph.
A xerox of their key.
A xerox of evidence of the candidate’s connection with the enroller (marriage or birth certificate).

If the candidate has to provide a xerox of Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan ID if he holds one.

The enroller of the dependent has to offer:.

Submitted application form (ID 997, part B).
A xerox of their key.
A photocopy of their Hong Kong ID.
A xerox of evidence of the enrollers economic situation (financial institution statements, tax obligation receipts, and so on).
A photocopy of evidence of applicant’s real estate circumstance (rental invoices).

If the papers offered are not in English or Chinese, they must come with a licensed translation. Note that additional records could be needed depending on your situation.