How do you get bed bugs?

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In the past few decades, bed bugs have came back in our modern lives with a vengeance. Large metropolis such as London and New York have been particularly affected. The hospitality industry has been the first casualty, with tourist bringing them in with their luggage. And through that simple example you have the resume of how they can be transmitted.

In most of the world, bed bugs are virtually unheard of. And the reason is that there is a very low incidence of bed bug infestations. Bed bugs used to be associated with substandard living conditions. And one of the key factor was over crowding and unsanitary conditions. But nowadays, bed bugs are principally associated with precarious and temporary accommodations and flat sharing.

In principle bed bugs can only thrive where there is a ready supply of blood. And in other word, it means where people are sleeping. Beds and divans are therefore the most likely to be infested. But what it actually means is that bed bugs can be hiding anywhere around the sleeping station. I often say that the most critical area, when it comes to a bed bug treatment, is 1.5 metres around the bed.

Bed bugs feed once a week, after a meal they go find a hiding place where to hide again. It may be the same location, or a new one. I found them, at the back of a picture frame, under a lamp, in the side table, at the back of the head board, on the mattress, on the bed frame, in the drawers built-in the divan, on the stuff stored under the bed.

And here come the second big element that contribute to spreading bed bugs. When you live in a flat-share, you keep most of your belongings  inside your room and under your bed. The suitcases and bags in particular will stay there for a very long period, until the next time you travel, or move property. So in the context of a bed bug infestation is quite likely that the suitcase, or belongings that you will carry, will have bed bugs too.

The third element is sleep overs. As we visit and spend the night at the home of family and friends, and even an hotel, we will often keep our bags inside our bedroom. As we start sleeping, then the bed bugs will find you, but will not necessarily go back to your bag. But instead may hide on the bed or side furniture.

Eventhough you would make a visual inspection of the bed before going to bed, you may not be able to see a thing. Can you see bed bugs when they are actually hiding? At best you may be able to see the blood dots they leave behind them as they extrude the excess water from their blood meal. But the chance of you seeing them moving when you are awake is slim.

What most clients report as the first sign of bed bugs is the bites they suffer on their upper bodies. And regular bites are often enough to tell you there are biting insects about. And even in doubt, if not bed bugs, the bites would need to come from fleas or mites? In any case the bed bug treatment kills all insects regardless of what they are. But what it will do is to deplete the stock of bed bugs and eggs that are inside your home, so at the end non are left and the life cycle is broken.

Finding pest control services near me to eradicate the infestation would be a priority for me. This is why Inoculand have various bases across London that allow us to offer our services in a truly local fashion. So if you need us to help you with a bed bug infestation or only need advices, do not hesitate contacting us.