Engineering Plastic Turned Parts

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Plastic CNC Turning

our plastic CNC switching of parts utilizes the most recent CNC Lathes innovation. The firm can produce large or little batch model plastic transformed parts from all the numerous kinds of Engineering industrial plastics readily available to today’s markets.

Producing Precision Plastic Turned Components to premium quality standards, in several alternative types. Whether, it’s a one off model, or greater manufacturing degrees, they are set you back effectively created to customer specification.

Common, Plastic CNC Turning products types are Nylon 6, Cast Nylon, Nylatron MoS2, Glass loaded Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, PE1000, PE500, PTFE, Teflon, PVDF, Acetal, Tufnol, Peek, Arnite, Delrin, SRBP Tube, SRBF, Polypropylene and also Epoxy Glass. We consider our selves to be one of the leading Delrin Acetal Machining Firms in the UK.

From all these plastic materials examples of parts created are Bushes, Bearings, Cams, Washers, Bungs, Shafts, Bobbins, Club Heads, Nylon Screws, Medical devices, Aerospace as well as Rail components.

Design Plastic Turning

Thought about among the top UK companies machining Engineering Plastic Turning forms, our Plastics goes to the forefront of plastic engineering. The UK’s leading Engineering Plastics machining company. Most importantly it makers engineering plastic parts using very innovative CNC machining technology. Consequently this provides us the capacity to make parts from basic to very complex shapes.

Quality Plastic Turned Parts

For years we have been collaborating with the B.S.I. maintaining our I.S.O. 9001 High quality criterion. Combined with a lengthy proven performance history, our dedication to top quality plastic turned parts is never doubtful.

Quality and Production control need to go hand in hand, so our has an information base which helps tightly regulate the everyday operating of production and high quality. Each procedure of manufacture as well as evaluation is updated regularly with purposefully put process tape-recording terminals ready around the production line, suggesting clients can be updated promptly on the progression of their orders.

Client self-confidence and complete satisfaction is at the heart of whatever we do!