Do I need pest control?

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Perhaps you have spotted a rat in the garden of yours or even found a wasp nest in the shed of yours. Perhaps you think that your favorite furniture is infested with biting insects. Might your company stockroom be rife with unwelcome mice?

In that case, you have to consider Pest control Gillingham. And here is why:

Public health insects have the potential to:

contaminate your workplace or house
spread diseases to yourself and family
damage the belongings of yours
ruin stocks of foods, , and property reputations

A National Survey 2016 implies the public health pests you are most likely to come across in the UK are:

rats (186,192 call outs a year)
mice (80,375 call outs a year)
wasps (77,811 call outs a year)
some other insects, which includes flies (32,570 call outs a year)
ants (16,464)
bed bugs (11,829 call outs a year)
cockroaches (5,904 call outs a year)
birds (3,799 call outs a year)

So if you’ve probably a pest problem, it is good to say you are not alone.

People often feel ashamed about home or maybe workplace pest problems, but these pests are plaguing humans since the first of time.

With those who are living closer together, fewer bin collections and also numerous nearby councils stopping their pest management services, you can find many good reasons you could be seeing pests when you never ever have before.

That does not mean you need to ignore the problem however.

So why do we manage pests?
Disease and contamination

Insects, birds and rodents can readily contaminate food and work surfaces with their excreta, hairs or maybe parts of the body. These’re possible pathogens that spread disease.

Parasites carried by pest species (such as fleas) may in addition be handed down to humans causing stress and illness – for instance, that is the way the outbreaks of bubonic plague continue to be transmitted in Madagascar.
Safeguard the property of yours, and company clients

Rodents are able to inflict a huge quantity of structural damage. They may trigger serious fires by gnawing away the insulating material around electric wires, lots by puncturing pipes as well as death by chewing through gas pipes. The insurance market has believed that rodent damage to wiring is liable for twenty five % of all the electric fires in buildings.

Insect infestations are able to decimate foodstuffs with whole consignments getting rejected and finished products recalled whether insect contamination is present. Insects are able to reduce machines and destroy whole batches of animal feed.

Bird droppings are able to damage structures and also cause slip or maybe excursions, leaving property owners amenable to prosecution. Nests block chimney flues & gutters, and getting other pest species which thrive in bird droppings.
Protect the track record of yours and remain the right side of the law

In order to meet the demands of yours under the Safety and Health at Work Act 1974, the Food Safety Act 1990 and also the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, you have to guard the business of yours from pests.

Your business and status might not overcome a pest infestation as fines and prosecutions frequently cause media attention. The loss of consumer confidence can eventually pressure you to shut.

The Penalties for failing to comply could be severe